Thursday, June 21, 2018

Row X Row Starts today!!!!

"Toes in the Sand"

Today is THE day!  We get to start giving out patterns for Row by Row!  This year 8 local Raleigh Quilt Store worked with Sandy Fitzpatrick of Hissyfitz Designs to create rows that fit together to make a quilt inspired by Jimmy Buffett's music.  

Our row is called "Toes in the Sand" and features surfboards and flipflops.  

We think Sandy hit it out of the park with the fun quilt she designed for this event!  The stores chose batiks for the quilts to give the quilt life and depth.  Each store has pieced a quilt to hang in their store during the event.  It is amazing to see how quilting has added personality to the quilts. 

We have laser cut and non-laser kits ready for purchase.  The kits are priced by the individual stores, ours is $16.95.  

If you are planning to purchase a large number of kits, please give the stores a heads up.   In our case, we are having to limit the number of kits we can sell to one person.  We have some options available for you, but it is just better for us to discuss them based on the number of kits you are wanting to purchase.  

Want to use a different background in one of the sections?  We can tell you the entire amount of background fabric you will need to purchase for the different areas of the quilt.  For instance, if you decide you want to use a different sand fabric, you would need 1.5 yards.   While I love our quilt, I also am from the Emerald Coast in Florida, so if I wanted the water to look like home, I would want it have a lot more green in that fabric.    You could also decide to use multiple fabrics for you table and create a "planked" look.  We can't wait to see how you make this quilt more "you"!  

We want you to have a fun and safe Row by Row!