Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Witch Is In

I have seen this pattern a couple of times and have wanted to make one for a while.  The pattern is by Joined at the Hip and is called The Witch Is In.  I chose not piece my background and used batiks. 
I had a blast quilting this wall hanging.  I did different fills in all the sections and cross hatched the poison green legs to make it look like fishnet stockings.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Brenda's Homespun Alaska Star

Brenda brought me this homespun Alaska Star when she picked up her Blue and White Alaska Star.   She is also the same person that pieced the Lover's Knot that I quilted this summer.  She wanted this quilt to be a snuggly quilt.  So we used Hobb's Tuscany Wool is this one and I did not quilt it as densely. 
This quilt turned out really snuggly!  You just want to curl up with it when you see it in person.  I like the texture that wool batting gave the quilting.   Brenda left saying that she was going to look through her UFOs to see what else she can finish up and get quilted.  I can't wait to see what she comes by with next.  It is great to see someone who has taken a break from quilting fall back in love with it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joyce's Hoffman Beauty!

I used to be in a bee that meet in Henderson, NC.   It was a long drive for me to get there, but the ladies in the bee were worth the drive!    Joyce is one of the ladies that I meet while I was a member.  She is an extremely talented quilter.

Joyce saw this quilt in a magazine and feel in love.  The Hoffman fabric is stunning and the pattern is unique and eye catching.   The pattern has the piecer use A LOT of fusible.  Think multiple layers of fusible!  The football shaped pieces are  basted to the top, but are actually attached during the quilting, at times through several layers of fusible.  

All the dense background fill was done through fusible.   I was nervous quilting it because any mistake and the holes would remain.  Luckily, I got through the sections with the fusible without my thread even breaking.
Always happy when I take off a quilt and turn it over, but oh, my do I wish they all looked as great as this one.
 Lots of texture from all the custom quilting.  And it case you are wondering how it looks on the back where the fusible is....
Now I am in love with this quilt too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy end of the week!

Happiness is quilts lined up ready for pickup.  

My favorite part of my job is delivering the completed quilts.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rose of Sharon

Wish Upon A Quilt is participating in Island Batik's Roses of Remembrance block on the month for 2011
I got to quilt the sample table runner for Wish Upon A Quilt.   I had a blast quilting this sample.  I dense background files.  I even used two different fills in each block.  I love how this turned out.   I even signed up for the block of the month and am planning to needle turn applique my quilt.    It may take me the rest of my life, but I really want that quilt!   

The block of the months is based on Sharon Pederson's The Rose of Sharon Block Book.   

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jumping Up and Down!!!!

Can you see me? I am so happy, I am jumping up and down!  First off I got to quilt this round robin of Janice Pope's.
Just being asked to quilt this beauty was a true honor.  Then in July, Janice called to tell me that she was going to the Sister's quilt show in Oregon and that the quilt would be hanging in the show.  Just when I thought I had gotten used to these calls from Janice, she calls today to tell me that she entered it in the NC State Fair and that she went yesterday and it is hanging in the winners area with a blue ribbon and a white ribbon on it.  It was entered in the Division for Group quilts with more than 2 people working on it.   Then she dropped the bombshell that it won BEST MACHINE QUILTING!  I am stunned!   So, now can you see me jumping up and down!    Matt and I are going to the fair to see the quilt!  :)