Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nice surprise!

Matt had an early lesson with his golf pro this morning.  I had him wake me up before he left so that I could run by Walmart before the ravaging hoards of barbarians attacked.  Which around here means you need to be there before 8AM. 

After his lesson he went by Whole Foods and picked up breakfast and a surprise for me.  He is such a keeper!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 2 Project

Before I bought my longarm, my sweetie and I got to spend 18 months in Fairfax, VA.  It was not our first choice of places to live, but there were some benefits.  First we knew upfront that it would be for a short time, so it made no sense for me to look for a job.  And there are some fantastic quilt shops in Northern VA.  I spent most of my time finishing UFOs to the needs to nbe quilted stage. 

While there I got to go to Great Falls and visit Jinny Beyers' shop.  It is one of the must dos for quilters.  On one visit, my Mom and I bought the kit to do the backpack shown above.  We did not have time to do the project during Mom's visit and decided that it would be a project that we worked on together. 

I love this backpack!  It should have taken us half the time it did, but we had a blast.  I am sure that me recovering from surgery and being on pain meds caused most of our issues.  Luckily the bags both turn out beautifully.  They took us 2 weeks to complete.  Two weeks of memories to cherish.  My studio was filled with laughter.