Sunday, May 22, 2011

Susan's Quilt

Mom pieced this quilt for a friend that was starting Chemo.  She brought it up when she came to visit in March and I quilted it while she was here.  While I can see several ways to custom quilt this pattern, we just did not have the time with this one.  I quilted it with my all over swirl meander.  I really like the way it turned out.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Joyce's Africa Quilts

Last fall I quilted a Hoffman beauty for my friend Joyce.  She has been busy piecing and here are two more quilts that we have worked on.

 This quilt is made from beautiful African fabrics that Joyce has collected.  The machine appliqued circles really feature the fabrics.
 It is all over quilted with 3&Es which add texture and movement int he background
 The second quilt is also made with African fabrics, all of which had shiny gold paint on them.  I am not sure if it is really paint, but it was stiffer then a dye.  She used a solid black to set off the bright fabric and appliqued huts on the bottom border
For this one I did a "straight line" meander.  It does not show well in the pictures but looks awesome in person.  Thanks to my friend, Shannon aka Doodlebug, for the suggestion!  I can see myself using this fill often! I thought I had taken a picture of the back of the quilt, but can't find it.  She pieced the back of the quilt, it is a HUGE house.  If I can find it I will post it later because it was really a neat back.