Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CLA Member Quilts

One of the neat things about going to quilt shows is all the ideas you get while you are there.  At the CLA show the member were sitting around showing each other how the actually did their quilting.  It is really neat to be in a group where although we are all in competition with each other, we still share our knowledge freely with one another.  For instance, Theresa Dewalt of Belews Creek, NC quilted the following quilt.
Note the awesome trellis fill that she did in the beige background of the appliqued border.  That trellis is all quilting texture!  She actually brought the template she used and a photo copy of it that she could draw on and demonstrated how she was able to quilt the trellis continuously.

Can you believe she does not even have a stitch regulator on her Gammill!  Her quilting is just breathtaking!  

Kim Buterbaugh of Mockville, NC did the same type of backfill on her quilt, only smaller.
We were cleaning the floor in front of the quilts in this category due to drooling.

Then we have Jan Struble and her gorgeous feathers.
Just in case you can't see them here is a close up...
See what I mean about competition being stiff!  In the Custom Quilting more then 2 years, Kim won 1st, Jan won 2nd, and Theresa won 3rd.   But wait, here is another of Jan's quilt from the same category...
Yep, that girl can quilt feathers!

The Viewers Choice for this category was one that was also quilted by Theresa Dewalt.
Don't know about you, but I am so glad that it was not me judging this show.  There were 26 quilts in this category and they were all drop dead gorgeous!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Quilts at the CLA show

I was really nervous about entering quilts into a show.  I have never done it before.  I was the person that keep standing up and telling our membership we all need to enter 2 quilts, but I almost chickened out.

Actually, I did have one customer quilt that I know was entered and she showed me the judges form, so that I would see what they said, but I had only been quiting for a couple of months at that point.   For that one just seeing it hanging was a thrill.  This time, I really wanted to see what the judges had to say because it will give me a good barometer on what I need to improve.

Both of my quilts were entered into the same category - Custom Quilting - less then 2 years

I won 2nd place for Hopeful Homes
And here is Whirlygigs for May, which won 3rd

Whirlygigs for May is the first time my sister has ever had any of her work entered in a show. OK, so she may have told me that she didn't want it entered, but she is over that now.   When I called to tell her about the ribbon she actually told me that I had called the wrong person.   I realized that I may have neglected to tell her I had actually entered the quilt so I had to fess up at that point.  

While I am thrilled with the outcome, I really did not enter the quilts thinking that they would win awards.  The information that they judges gave is much more important then the ribbons.   And getting over the fear of entering the quilts in the first place.  

The beautiful ribbons for our show were created by the talented Sandy Zucker.  Luckily, she won one as well, because she was a little sad to see them go. 

Why yes, you can fit a 7 foot frame in a minivan

I even had left over room to haul some of my vendor buddy's batting.  I am shocked that I can fit a 7 foot frame and my machine head into the back of my van.  But everything for my space and 12 boards of batting are back there too.  And just when I had decided to sell the van...

2010 CLA Challenge Quilts

We had 18 Challenge Quilts entered into the CLA Show Challenge.  While this is a much better turn out then the previous show, it only represents a fraction of our total membership.  We even had an industrious member that entered two quilts.  

It was a great way to show off the diverse styles of our membership.  Thanks goes to all the members that took the time to enter a quilt.  It was wonderful to see all the different ideas we came up with to quilt our one block quilts! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun At the CLA Show!!!

I know that I have been quite lately.  There are some really big reasons.  Some of which I can't share yet, but here is one that I can.  Last week I was in Clemmons, NC at the Carolina Longarm Association Quilt Show.  I left my house last Tuesday morning and got home last night around 9PM.   I am so very glad that I joined this talented and sharing group!  I can't think of anything that could be better then a week of talking longarming and making new friends!

The CLA is a professional longarming group, so as you can imagine the competition was stiff.  The quilts are absolutely gorgeous!  We did challenge quilts to show off our styles, or in my case just to say that I did one.  I left mine to the absolute last minute, but I felt it was really important to contribute.  It took me longer to load the quilt then it did to actually quilt it.  Next time I will plan mine out earlier, but at least I had one hanging.
My Millie got a lot of attention.  It was fun to show the attendees what a longarm is and how we use them to quilt their quilts.   My next couple  of blog  posts will have some pictures of the vendors, show quilts and challenge quilts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you Thimble Pleasures!

Thimble Pleasure in Chapel Hill is a beautiful quilt store.  They let the Carolina Longarm Association invade their classroom in July for our quarterly meeting.  We had a really great turn out!  

A couple weeks later I was there to meet a customer in their parking lot.  They graciously let me meet the customer in the store!  Which is great because I was really nervous about opening up Cindy's Baltimore Album Quilt in the parking lot.    They also told me that they would let me meet customers there to pick up and drop off quilts.   Aren't they awesome!

I love our local quilt stores!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shirley's Applique Quilt

This beautiful applique quilt is from a new customer named Shirley.  I love the scrappy patchwork with with the applique border.  I stitched around all of the applique, but actually did no stitch in the ditch.  I know, it's shocking, but I can quilt without doing stitch in the ditch!

Since the applique does a full ring around the border I did Piano Keys on the outside of the border and my leaf background file on the inside.  So it is like Border to Border, but in this case it is Applique to Applique.  I also stitched around the applique in the center of the quilt.  I love the shape of the star that is made by the piecing in the center.
I love the way the borders look on this quilt.
Thanks for letting me work on your quilt, Shirley!