Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I finally finished Mom's quilt!

My Mom went to Houston with me when I purchased my longarm.   When I took her home she gave me a stack of quilts to do.   I did get several of them done, but there was one that she really wanted to put on her bed.  I had a vision for the quilt, but the every time I got ready to load the quilt, it would tell me that it did not like my vision.  I'm serious!  I would just freeze and look at the quilt and it would go back in the closet.  Mom stopped dropping hints that she would really like the quilt and it has been happily living in my studio closet.    Mom was here for three weeks in August.  While she was here I talked to her about the original vision and that I really thought that I wanted to do something different.  She said she didn't care, she just wants the quilt.  So, I loaded the quilt that I have been going to feather for years and here is how it turned out...
Anyone notice that there is not a feather anywhere on the quilt.  It really did not want them!  I am so happy with how this quilt turned out.  The quilt is 102 inches square.  I did bead board in the outer border.  And I SID all the boards and between the color changes.  There are hours of SID in this quilt.  Everything else is free hand.  
The white fabric is solid white.  So it needed some life.  I did my leaf fill in all of the white areas. 
I made up a swirly pattern to file the cactus flowers.
The back of this quilt is spectacular!  
Here is what the center of the quilt looks like on the back.  

I am so happy that I did not go through with my original plan.  It would have been OK, but this is so much better.  I have learned that I need to listen to my gut more. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cindy's Applique Beauty!

I was so excited when Cindy showed me this quilt.  I love applique quilts!  They are a lot of work, but I really love how they look when they come off the frame.  This one was done by Cindy's mother.  She remember her working on it after 2000, but is not sure when she started it.   Her mother's work is beautiful!  It was an honor to get to work on this quilt. 

I did bead board in the outer part of the border.   It turned out wonderful, but some of the lines are over 28 inches, so my motorized fabric advance got a work out.   Have I told you how much I love, love, love my motorized fabric advance!  

I quilted curved swags in to the appliqued swags.  Then did a curly Q design between the sashing and the swags.  The sashing has a spaced ribbon candy in it.  The star of the quilting is the swirly meander in the applique blocks.  We had first thought about doing cross hatching, but I am so glad that we changed the plan.

Yes, I did stitch around all the applique!  Yes, even the dimensional pieces!  I also stitched in any of the applique that was larger then 4 inches.  I love the way the pineapple and vase turned out.
I even stitched on both sides of the needle work tendrils.

We used Tuscany Wool batting by Hobbs.  It was the perfect choice as it caused the applique to pop up without doing any trupunto work.  The back is just as spectacular. 
For thread I used cream Fil Tec Magna Glide bobbins and So Fine 402 on the top.  I started a brand new cone of So Fine when I loaded the quilt.  I have about 4 yards left on the cone, and I was a nervous wreck toward the end of the quilt because I was really worried I was going to run out and have to wait for my thread order to be able to finish the quilt.  Next time I am going to make sure that I have 2 cones before I start a big project.  

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hopeful Homes

In the Studio Elves post, you may have noticed a house quilt hanging on my new gridwall.   It is for my realtor, who has been working with us for about three years.  First looking for our new house and then helping us sell the  old one.  Since closing on the old house was on August 16th and she now knows about the quilt I can post it on my blog.
Lorraine had mentioned that she wanted a house quilt to hang in her office.  My Mom and I found the pattern for this quilt in Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!!! by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. We started piecing the quilt right after I moved into the new house.  Toward the end of May, I decided that I need to finish it so that it would be ready when the old house sold.  I finished quilted the quilt in in the middle of June and we had a offer on the house soon afterward.  
Since I knew this was going to be a wallhanging, I got to heavily quilt it.  There is lots of detail on the houses, very heavy background fills and leaves and tendrils in the borders.  I used Superior's So Fine thread and Fil Tec's Glide thread on top.  And Fil Tec's Magna Glides in bobbin.  I feel kind of guilty, but after I showed Lorraine the quilt, I explained that it is going in a show in September and she will not get it until after then.  So we gave a cheesecake made by Matt that she could enjoy right away.  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

There have been elves in my studio!!!

I think I may be the luckiest girl alive!  Over the last couple of weeks there have been elves busy working in my studio.  My parents were here for 3 weeks!   My Mom was busy piecing 4 lone star blocks.  My Dad was busy installing things in my studio.  My poor husband did not enjoy the time quite as much because he had to have emergency surgery to remove his appendix.  He is doing great now, but has been given orders to never scare me like that again!

So, what are my happy elves install?  Why want every longarm studio needs, of course.  A new TV on a positionable arm.

But wait, there's more!  We also to a trip to the local fixture store and I purchase 4 gridwall panels.  And a trip to a home improvement store netted hortizontal blinds and a cover for the TV cords.  

I love my Studio Elves!  I am a very spoiled quilter!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kissing Nine Patch

I had a blast quilting this one!  This Kissing Nine Patch is hanging at Wish Upon A Quilt.  It's another wonderful pattern by Janice at Anything But Boring

I did line dancing in the nine patch blocks.  Large flowers with leaves in alternating blocks and outer border and leaves in the yellow inner border.  
The quilting added lots of texture to the quilt.  The thread is from Signature and is actually a soft pink.  We used Quilters Dream Cotton Request as the batting.