Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They are in the mail!

Went to the post office this morning and mailed off the last of the Christmas Quilts for this year.  What a huge relief!  Now I just need to get the last of the local quilts done.  So, back to work I go!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Sampler Quilt

This beautiful sampler quilt is Nancy Nuestrem's first quilt.  She took a beginning quilting class at a local quilt store and they taught it using this sampler.  She did beautiful work!

I really like that they did both traditional piecing and needle turn applique.  Due to the applique this quilt really needed custom quilt.  I stitched around all of the applique and then did a swirly background fill.  I used quit a few of my favorite quilting tricks... Line dancing, continous curve, leaves, tendrils and roses.  This was a really fun quilt to work on!

Mystery Quilts

Wish Upon A Quilt sponsored their first mystery quilt last spring.  A group of friends and I went to the mountains and has a blast working on our mystery quilts.  It was amazing to see the mystery reveal itself, but seeing the tops as we finished them was amazing.  Our fabrics were all so very different, but all of our quilts turn out wonderful.  I posted pictures of my quilt when I quilted it this summer.  This week I got to quilt a couple of my friends quilts as well.  I just can believe how different they all look.  

Shawna picked out a really pretty print with a beige back ground with chocolate and gold in it that she used as here light fabric.  She used gold for her medium and chocolate for her dark.  It turned out beautiful.  I did custom quilting on her quilt.  Line dancing on the stars and ribbons in the gold.   

Lori chose a black fabric with bright butterflies and gold accents as her "light"  The she added bright green and hot pink as her medium and dark.  Her quilt ended up fun and vibrant. I used Heart & Soul Quilts' Star Swirl panto on her quilt.

This quilt pattern is amazing.   Not only have all the tops that I have seen looked great, but it also looks great with either custom quilting or a pantograph.  And I actually enjoyed doing the pantograph, which is a first for me.  I am usually a front of the machine custom quilting girl.  It was nice doing something different for a change.  

The Crab Quilt

I have mentioned my friend's Crab quilt in a couple of posts.  Here is what the crab looks like before I quilted it...

She came up with the crab design all by herself.   I LOVE this crab.  It is just too cute!  I decide to quilt swirls in the the blue areas and did paisley fill on the crab itself.  Large meander in the crabs on the sand fabric and bead boarded the dark blue border fabric.

Here is a closer picture of the quilting.

It is such a fun quilt!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being on schedule feels great!

I just loaded the last quilt that absolutely has to be done by the end of this week.  YAHOOOOOO!  It is Theresa's Crab Quilt and should be lots of fun! 

I am hoping to get a chance to post some pictures this evening.  I just finished up 2 mystery quilts.  They are both the same pattern as mine, that I quilted this summer, but all 3 of the quilts look so different.  Lori and Shawna both did much better jobs piecing theirs then I did.  I was too busy laughing and having a good time.  I love that the quilts all look so different, but that they all look great!  Shawna's is done in chocolate and gold.  It is a very graphic quilt, but very neutral at the same time.  The fabrics make this quilt stunning.  Lori's is bright and bold.  Bright green and hot pink with black butterfly fabric. It is fun and vibrant! 

The quilt that I just finished is a sampler quilt and is the very first quilt that the piecer has every done.  She did a beautiful job.  I did custom quilting on it to make the needle turn applique pieces pop.   I can't wait for her to see the quilt tomorrow.  :)

Well, back to the Crab Quilt.  Lunch hour is offically over. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What was I thinking...

Matt and I have been thinking about buying a larger house for about 6 years.  We have been looking on and off for about 3 and seriously looking since August.   We have built both of our houses that we have owned thus far and decided that this time we would buy a resale.   Really we decided... I swear.  So can someone please tell us how we ended up signing a contract on a house under construction.  

For those of you who are not quilters, this is my busiest time of the year.   What was I thinking...  Luckily the house will not be finished until Feb 2010, but I did have to go and pick out everything they will put inside it.  It actually went pretty fast, because I was very motivated to get out of the Design Center and back into my Studio.  

The best thing about the new house... For me is a tie between the kitchen and my new Studio.  Those were the 2 things that were at the top of my list.  For Matt it is either the 3 car garage, the kitchen or his new home office.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Theresa Quilt

Theresa has been referring to this quilt as her Wild Quilt.  It is a very happy, bright batik quilt.  I quilted it using King Tut Cleopatra on the top and light periwinkle BOB in the bobbin.  I decided that I need to work on getting my swirls a little bigger so that is what I quilted on this quilt.