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Compilation of Tech Sunday Posts in English
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Quilt Path Camp On Demand - Pantographs

Getting Started
Home Screen
Importing Digital Designs
Pantostacker - EZ mode
Pantostacker - Basic Mode - Nest and Fit
Pantostacker - Basic Mode- Nesting part 2
Basic Optimizing
Fixing Last Row
How to Setup a Panto

Quilt Motion
How to move to start point
Changing Rows
Auto-Reversing Rows
Block Lock

Quilt Motion - Settings

Fill Methods
Placement Methods - 2 point, 4 point, Multi point
Placement Methods - Triangles and On Point blocks
Placement Method - 1 Point

How to make a Circle
How to make concentric circles
How to draw a straight line
How to create Egg and Dart
How to create your own Pantos
Using Fonts
Avoiding Applique Workaround
How to Cut a Block in Half - Basic
How to Cut a Block in Half - Advanced
How to Copy and Merge Designs
How to create a Pearl Corner
How to create a block using 2 different triangle designs
Create a Design using Two Triangle Designs

Mirrored Images
EZ Flakes
Triangle Template 1
Triangle Template 2
Triangle Template 3
-Pattern Draw and Edit
Line and Spline
Arc and Parabola
Drawn Lines
Transform Group

Virtual Longarm
How to Merge Blocks
Triangles in QuiltCAD
Quarter Square (CrissCross) Triangles in QuiltCAD

General Quilt Path Tips
Post-it notes with QP settings
Measure your Quiltable Space

Record Feature
Recorded Oak Leaf Border

Installation Tips
Check inside the carriage before installing


  1. I would like to read your blogs about quilt path but google says my account does not have access. Do you have any idea how I can access them? I am an APQS owner and I'm interested in taking classes on Quilt Path from you.

    1. Neta,

      I don't think I have sent up any restrictions on this page. I am puzzled as to why google is telling you, you don't have access. I need to play with it and see if I did something I was expecting.

  2. I can read the blogs from the old pages as the blog archive and such as clicking on the older blogs, but this index page pushes me back to log in to Google like it seems to do for Neta Emmons and I log in with my password and feathersandloops@google.com and it says I do not have access to this account (yours) and that I need to log out and log back in as a different user...This is not good. I tried to subscribe before and thought I did but am not getting the updates or posts. I am so confused. My email is klwheeler@yahoo.com and that is the best way for me to get the notices.
    Karen Wheeler

    1. Karen, This is literally just a page of links. Not sure why google is giving people fits.

  3. I am having the same issues as above. It states I do not have access. Any help.

    1. I think I fixed it. Please try the links again and see if they will let you use them.

  4. The links should be working now. :) Sorry for the confusion. If you find one that is still asking for a password, tell me which one and I will fix it.

  5. Hi Angela, thank you a thousand times for all the thought, effort and humour you put into these tutorials and the blog posts about Path topics. I appreciate your dedication and want you to know that, Gina in Canada

  6. Wow! Just spent the afternoon printing all this information out and putting it into a folder, so I could take it to the lake and see what I can learn. Thank You so much Angela for doing all this work for us to have some knowledge of what QP can do. Come September I should know it all. haha

  7. Angela, thank you for all this wonderful information. I am getting my QP installed tomorrow and I have just spent the last hour or so saving all your information. It will all go into a notebook to have as a reference manual. All your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  8. Angela, Thank You, Thank You, Thanks you for all your technical advise. I am brans new to longarming and Quilt Path, just got my Millie and QP 3 weeks ago. : )
    I have read everyone of your blog postings about QP, but am confused about something. You talk about working with QP on your laptop. How did you get QP onto your laptop? And how do you let it know that the QP on your laptop is never going to be connected to your machine? I want to create my own patterns and pantos.
    Again thank you for all of your advise and guidance.

    1. Carol,

      The flash drive that you received with your Quilt Path contains the program You are allowed to install Quilt Path on up to three devices. It will ask you to register the program. When I go into QP on my laptop, it goes into Simulation Mode. Simulation modes lets you use the program, but you do not have to have it connected to the longarm.

  9. I have a question and it may be stupid but here goes. I want to delete a file folder I created in quiltpath and can't figure it out, can anyone help.

  10. Help! I cannot get my quilt path to work right. I broke a needle and then it happened. I set the parameters of the quilt and then when I hit continue it tells me that it has to set the quilt parameters first. Can anyone help me out with this? Roberta

  11. Roberta,

    I don't know how to get in touch with you, or I would. You either are in simulation mode, or your red belt clamps are not fully engaged. Call APQS or my showroom and we will get you up and working.

  12. Angela,
    When will the updated Quilt Path version with wrapping borders be available? How do we get it?

    1. We are still working on rolling out the new release. You will get an email from APQS when it is your turn to update to the new version. We will be rolling the release out to user in order of purchase so that the people who have been waiting the longest for the release will get it first.

  13. Will there be classes for CAD in the near future? If not, can you suggest additional aides for more indepth learning on CAD?

    1. I teach CAD in my Quilt Path Camp courses. The next online class starts on June 2nd.

  14. I have watched your video on sashing. I'm not sure how long the sashing was, but you mentioned that it had to be broken into 5 sections which once divided into the length was 16.6 each. How did you determine that it had to be broken into 5 sections?

    Tryce B.

    1. I just like dividing in odd numbers. I typically use 5 sections because it is easier for me to set.

  15. I would like to look at our PDF for Virtual Longarm but it only comes up as part of a page and as an image not a PDF. Any help would be appreciated. Your Tech Sundays are very helpful hope I have not seen the last of them.Thank you.