Sunday, August 30, 2020

Tech Sunday - More about using Pen and Finger mice with Quilt Path

 Hi everyone!

Today I posted a new video on my YouTube channel about using Pen or Finger mice with Quilt Path.  My plan is to post a couple "Tech Sunday" post each month.   Here is link to the video...

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tech Sunday Reboot

I have been thinking about Tech Sunday a lot lately and miss doing it.  So I have decided to go back to doing some more tech based topics.  I don't think I can commit to posting every week like I did when I was writing Tech Sunday, but I do think I can commit to posting post 1-2 times a months.  

I am currently working on two new "Tech Sunday" posts.  The first one will premier on August 30th.  If you have topics to suggest, please leave a comment.  Now for the change, I plan do do this vlog style and they will be posted on the Thread Waggle YouTube Channel first.  


Sunday, August 16, 2020

If you have QP or QCT, you need this tool!

 Hi everyone!

I did some testing on different type of mouse that I can use with my QP to Add Points in Marking Tool, Fabric Comp, and Multi Point Border....  Are you sitting down?  If not, sit down... trust me this is going to make a huge change for you!  I have an MS Surface tablet and I put an MS Dock on it.  And while that in itself is a huge upgrade and can overcome USB connection errors, that is not the BIG news.  Are you ready???? 

I paired a USB Pencil Mouse to my QP and I can use it to click the ADD POINT button while moving the longarm... WITH MY HANDS STILL BOTH ON MY HANDLES....     At this point someone is reading this going what the heck is she talking about and why is she yelling.   And that person obviously had never tired to find a comfortable way to hold the tablet and push the button on the screen and move a longarm hooked up to a computer system... all at the same time.  People this is life changing.  It was so simple and so smooth!  I could trace curves... smoooooothly!  

Wireless Optical Pocket Pen Mouse, Lychee 2.4GHZ USB Wireless Optical Pen Mouse 500/1000 DPI Adjustable Handwriting Mini Mice for PC Laptop Notebook Computer Mac (Red)

This is the pencil mouse that I tested.  

And here is a link to the video I shot quick of me using it.