Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Using One Point Setting in Borders

I decided to just go for it today.  I have been telling the Quilt Path Campers if I every found a reason that I would use the One Point Corner setting that I would tell them.  Today was the day.  It really made my border quick and easy.  The first vertical border section is set with One Point Center.  The following sections are set with either One Point Start Point or One Point End Point, and it is based on how the motif is orientated on the screen.   If I had more then two sections to quilt, I would just keep working my way down the quilt until I got to the end of the border.  

I also have been wanted to start doing short videos on ways to use Quilt Path and decided today was the day to stop saying I wanted to start doing the videos and to just do it.  I did this video in one take for each segment.  I probably should have done a second take, but this is a learning process for me and we will all get to see how I progress as I continue to shot videos.  

Still completely in love with my Quilt Path!