Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tech Sunday - Making Designs Easier

I have been working on designing a bunch of different rows that I can use together in Pantostacker's Advance Mode to create unique pantographs.   As I was designing a row of pearls, that I then wanted to link together, and have quilt completely across the quilt, I realized that I am not thinking like a quilter when I design in Quilt Path.

When I am freehand quilting, my goal is to make from one side of the quilt to the other without starting and stopping, if at all possible.  I will backtrack, echo or travel to get from one design to the next.

Think about a string of peals.  Circles that are touching would seem to be a natural continuous line.  But they are not.  There are many different ways that we can make them continuous, like backtracking part of a circle to get to the next one or doing all the tops of the circles and then doing the bottoms on the way back across the quilts  A circle stops and starts on the same point.  And we really need to stop on the other side to do the next circle.

As I starting designing a string of circles today, I started by doing two 50 sided polygons.  I realized my mistake immediately.  I need them to join, so I switched to arcs.   And I did the top of the arcs for my short sample and then did the bottoms.  This worked right up until the point I took it into Pantostacker and tried to join two of them together.   It just was not pretty.  

I stopped and really thought about how I would quilt this design which caused a light bulb moment.  My whole idea is centered around a modern quilt that I need to quilt.  If I am going modern anyway, why do I feel like I need to have a string of circles.  I could add a travel line to the center and not only make my life easier, but it would also go with the modern feel.  Staying with the two arc circle, this time I made the single circle and then added a Spline from the where the first circle started to where I wanted to start the second circle.
I learned something today.  I need to think like a quilter when I am working in PatternCAD.  

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