Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wishing You a Warm and Happy Holiday!

Things are winding down here and I am looking forward to a little time off. I may even work on a piecing project this weekend. Or quilt my sister's quilt, because being the quilt top making sister of a longarmer is like being the cobbler's child. Even Mom's quilts seem to take priority over hers. Good thing she loves me anyway, because I have had this top for more then a year! Christmas day will be spent with my hubby's family. Which of course, means a good douse of twin spoiling. It is always fun to get to see the world through their adorable, five year old eyes. Do you think they would agree to stop getting older? But then again, ever year there are more things that we can do with them, so on second thought, maybe getting older is a good thing too. While I am enjoying my time away from the Showroom, I am hoping to find the motivation to work on getting all the Quilt Path tutorials into a better all in one place form. My goal is to have a rough draft done before I go to Austin next month for Quilt Path Camp. I never truly get that far away from work. I love what I do and it just hard to stop sometimes. I hope that you get to spend the rest of your holiday season, with those you love! And hopefully doing things you like to do too! 2014 has been a fun and wild ride here and 2015 is starting to look just as crazy! Wishing you more happiness, joy and fun that you can handle!

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