Monday, October 20, 2014

Tech Sunday - Triangle Template 2

We will be using the information we learned in Triangle Template 1 in this tutorial.
On the Home Screen go to Design & Create Pattern.
Tap on Tools. 
Then on Triangle Template 2.
The Green line that bisects the triangle is a mirror.  Mirrors let you draw on part of  a design and then they fill in the other part or parts of the design.  In this case it is a single mirror, so you will be getting a single reflection of what you are creating.  You will want to be in Edit under Pattern on the right panel of PatternCAD, have your Node Spacing off and have Continuous Lines Selected.
As we did in Triangle Template 1, we will be drawing arcs to make a Continuous Curve motif.  In this case we will want to only draw the line on the bottom to the mirror.  You will start at the top, draw an Arc line from that point to the bottom left corner then tap on the point where the mirror line and the bottom line of the triangle touch and then tap the top corner.  This will draw the three Arc lines so that we can curve them.
Notice that when we click on and pull the handle for the Arc line on the left, the line on the right also curves.  
You can curve all three lines.
 If you need your quilting to be more dense, you can add a triangle into the center after you click the mirror point at the bottom and then click the top point.
If you want to have a more curvy look, like Terry Twist, you would use a Spline line.
Or you can draw your own design.  

Now go play!

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