Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tech Sunday - Triangle Template 1

In Quilt Path go to Design & Create - Patterns.  
On the File Menu bar tap on Tools.  

Today we are going to be talking about Triangle Templates.   Tap on Triangle Template 1.  
Notice that it puts a triangle on the bottom layer of Design & Create.  
You can tell it is on the bottom layer, because it is a blue line and if you are showing nodes, you will not see nodes.  
You can swap layers and move it to the top layer if you want to, or you can design with it on the bottom layer and then choose whether or not to merge the layers.  For this tutorial, let's say we have a quilt that has flying geese on it and we want to do continuous curve in them.  
 On the right side of PatternCAD, you will want to click on Edit under Pattern.  The tap Arc.  We will want our Node Space off, so make sure that the button is not selected ant that there is not a number between the - and + buttons.  We will also be using the Continuous Lines features, so make sure that it is enabled.

Then you will draw a line from the top of the triangle to the bottom left corner of the triangle.
 Because we have Continuous Lines, after you draw the first line you just need to tap on the next corner and Quilt Path will draw the second line for you.  Then tap on the top and you will get Arc lines on all three sides of the triangle.
Now we are going to edit the lines to make them curve.  On the right panel of PatternCAD, tap on Edit under Pattern.  And tap on Select all.  If you are not seeing your nodes and handles tape the Nodes button on the left panel of PatternCAD.  The blue boxes that are on the lines are the Handles for the Arcs.  When you tap on them and drag them across the screen they will curve.  
 You will want to do this on all three of the lines.
 This will give you the classic Continuous Curve quilting motif.  Depending on the size of your triangle you may need more quilting.  When this happens, I like to add a second triangle to my motif.
 Or if you use Spline instead of Arc you can do Terry Twist.
Because you can also draw freehand by turning Node Spacing on, the possibilities are endless.  

Now go play!  

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