Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tech Sunday - Pattern Placement Using Center of Block

On a recent custom quilt, I needed to put some extra quilting into the center of a wreath.  I used Quilt Path to put two concentric circles into the center of the block.  In this case the center had seam intersections so it required no marking by me.  I love when things are quick, easy and effective!

There is a quirky thing with Quilt Path, that if you try to place a pattern using the center point in Select & Sew Pattern, it will place at 8.5 inches.  No matter what size you create it.  So we need to place this either as a Quilt or as Panto.  Today, I am going to show you how to place it as a Panto.

Go into Design & Create Panto, switch to Basic Mode and set up a panto that is the size you want your motif.  In this case I want the outside circle to be 4 inches so I set up a 4 by 4 block.

Once you have your panto set up, tap on the Quilt as a Single Pattern button.  This will bring you into Quilt Motion with Pattern setting options.  Tap on the Settings button and change to One Point - Center.
This will allow you to mark the center of your block and quilt the block the size you have chosen. 

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