Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Home Screen

When you open Quilt Path the Home Screen comes up.  One of the most common question is when do I use the icons below Design & Create and when do I use the ones under Select & Sew.  

The idea is that you will be doing design work under Design & Create, save it and then use it under Select &Sew.  Both Pattern and Quilt work well this way.   Let's start off with the one that does not fit that plan - Pantograph.

I only use the Pantograph option under Design & Sew.  For most of my quilts I use Basic Mode, so the first thing I want to do is change the mode.  Design & Create - Pantograph let's me do this.  I tap the button, it ask me to set my safe zone and then takes me directly into Pantostacker, where I can change the Mode and then select the pattern.  And within a couple minutes the machine is quilting.  If you use Select & Sew -  Pantograph, when you tap on the icon it immediately asks you to Select Pattern.  Once you do that, you are put into Pantostacker, then I change my mode to Basic and have to Select Pattern again.  It does not ask me to set my safe zone until I send the file to Quilt Motion.    I detest doing things twice.  So have to Select my Pattern, change the Mode and Select my pattern again is a deal killer, for me.  I only use Design & Create - Pantograph.  If you are using EZ Mode, there is no real difference, so you can use whichever makes the most sense to you.

Now for the two areas that I think are the reason for the two headings.  When you go into Design & Create - Pattern, you are going into PatternCAD.  PatternCAD is the drawing and design tool.   This is where you create or edit patterns, so the heading makes perfect sense.  When you go into Select & Sew - Patterns, you are going straight into the blocks setting part of Quilt Motion.  You are using the patterns that you, or someone else, created.   So, if you have a block pattern that you purchased, and have imported, you would go into Select & Sew - Pattern and get straight to quilting.  If you want to create an original pattern or import one you just purchased, go into Design & Create - Pattern.  You can import in either, but when you import PatternCAD comes up with the new pattern in it, so I just go there to begin with.  Either way will work.

Design & Create - Quilt is where you lay out an entire quilt or part of a quilt.   It is where I work on border designs.  Sometimes I will bring patterns in to see if I alternate them what secondary designs I get.  It is a Design tool.  Once I get what I want, I can either sew it or save it.  If I save it, it is then available for me to select when I go into Select & Sew Quilt.

I could have made this post most much shorter by just saying you Design under Design & Create and you get right to quilting when you use Select & Sew.  Except when you are Pantograph quilting, because they are the same, except for the order they have you do things.  But really, what fun is that?

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