Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tech Sunday - Backing up Your Designs

Today, the Technical Support Representative in me is going to come out.  

This week, I upgraded my Quilt Path on my tablet.  I had been running an old version and waiting to upgrade for some good reasons.  Unfortunately, I could no longer wait, so I worked with Grace to get onto a new version.   I am starting to think I had a visit from the electronics gremlins, because I had one day that everything electronic I touched failed.  Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Cable router, VoIP box, Quilt Path... it was a bad day in my world.   Luckily, rebooting everything seemed to chase away most of the gremlins, and upgrading my Quilt Path took care of the rest.

So, why is this important?  The TSR (Technical Support Representative) at Grace asked me if he needed to transfer my saved designs and Quilts.  I was actually impressed that he thought about this, since I know that most users do not back up the data on a regular basis, and many TSRs do not take this extra step.   He was a little surprised when I told him it was not necessary, I keep backups of my designs on my server and my laptop.    But what if he had not asked, or what if I did not do this and I dropped my tablet and had to replace it?

Some companies will let you re-download the designs you have purchased, if you lost your original.  So that might be an option.  I have only purchased about 50 designs, but honestly I don't think I would remember every design I have ever purchased.  It just makes sense to keep a backup.  Yes, it is a little more work upfront.  But it is a lot less work later if something really bad happens.

I actually do it when I purchase a design and download it to my laptop.  I save the design in a folder that I named "Quilt Path Designs".  Inside that folder I have a sub-folder for every website from which I purchase. I save the newly purchased design to the appropriate folder, instead of letting it save to my Downloads folder.  I then use a network backup device to  automatically back up the "Quilt Path Designs" folder on a weekly basis. To add additional security, I also upload the folder to a internet storage account monthly, like Evernotes, Google Drive, Dropbox or  I am sure there are many more.  This is part of my disaster contingency plan so that I can get back up and working as fast as possible if my studio is somehow destroyed.  At this point the greatest danger is of my quilt top closet exploding with such force it knocks my longarm out the french doors.  But it doesn't hurt to have a plan.

Then, when I need a design on my quilt path, I  copy the file I need onto my USB thumb drive from my computer, backup or internet storage location, and import it to Quilt Path. (See Tech Sunday - Importing Files to Quilt Path post for steps on how to do that)

If I have Quilts or Pantos that I have created on Quilt Path, and want to keep for the future, they get saved to my thumb drive and then are brought back to my laptop and saved in my Designs folder, which is also automatically backed up onto my network storage device. That keeps everything together in one place so that I can find it in the future.

Another way I use this folder is to do a quick scan when I am getting ready to purchase a new design to see if it is already in my library.  Knowing myself, I know that I will purchase the same design multiple times if I really like it.  You don't even want to know how many copies I have of the same books from prior to my kindle.  There is probably a 12 step program to help with buying the same book 6 times.  And it wasn't even that good...

If you have not done it yet, please make a backup of your designs.


  1. I really appreciate your blogs. I just replaced my CompuQuilter with a Quilt Path which has been a real struggle for me to learn. I haven't quilted anything in two weeks and the Quilt Jobs on my rack are full. I hope to see a blog on scrolling the quilt and making sense of the placement of subsequent rows. I'm tuned in and all ears. Your Awesome,Thank You :)

    1. Michael,

      I will work on this for the next Tech Sunday. I need to do this one while I am actually quilting, so that I can take pictures. So will probably do that tomorrow while doing an edge to edge. Thanks for the topic suggestion!

  2. I enjoy reading your posts about learning Quilt Path. I have a question to do with a computation QP might be able to do. When the length and width of a quilt are different, and I want to do a specific design/motif around the borders, can the computer determine a measurement for this motif so it will be able to fit both quilt dimensions and always be equal in size. I tried figuring using a ratio but that didn't work. I don't mind if the motif is a weird size, example an arc 4.3 inches, just as long as 4.3 will work length and width.

    1. Gina,

      The border feature is still in development. The issue that I have had is getting them to wrap the corners so I have been doing a separate corner motif instead of wrapping. The ones that I have done have been easy to modify and end at a line that makes the "block" for the corner, but I have not tried to make them the same size. Just to make sure I think you are asking me how you would make a motif that would look the same shape and size, but would be able to repeat nicely to fit both the 60 inch border of a quilt and the 80 inch border. Do I have that right?