Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tech Sunday - Auto Reverse

When I am stitching a design that has a lot of rows, like a soft curvy line that I want stitched 2 inches apart, or really anything that I can put lots of row in one pass before I have to forward my fabric, I like to use the Auto-Reverse option.  

I started by setting up a 40 X 40 inch quilt, using basic mode. 
I took the fit option off and added rows until they were between 2 and 3 inches apart.  Normally when I am doing this on a real quilt I am quilting 1/2 inch to a inch apart.  So many, many rows.  I used the Soft Wave which is a stock pattern in Quilt Path.   

Then I sent it to Quilt Motion.
Tap on the Option button on the top right of the screen.
Put a check in the Sewing Direction Auto-Reverse option and tap OK.

Here is what the first full row of quilting looks like.  
Notice Quilt Path will start quilting on the left and will stop on the right.  Once I have sewn that line, gotten the message that it was done and click that I ready to start the next row.  The next line of quilting comes up. 
Notice that my quilting is now starting on the right side and going to the left.  It will continue changing directions every line down the entire quilt.  This really speeds up the quilting since you are not having to either move the head to the left every line or remember to click the reverse button on the top of the screen.  

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