Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tech Sunday - More Flakes!

Right now I am having a serious love affair with EZ-Flakes.  In the Design & Create - Pattern select EZ on the top right and then the Flakes button.  This time we are going to leave the Double-sided button selected.  Make snowflakes buy drawing undulating lines that cross the line of our flake.  First I started with 6.
All I did was smooth and optimize it.  Then I tried 5 branches
Which is really cool.  I tend to be drawn to shapes with odd numbers.  This looks like a fancy star fish.  So then I went for the max and tried a 16 branch. 

On this one I purposely did not attach the ends and then removed the breaks when I was in the optimize screen.  I really like how it looks like twisted ribbons.   Time to go play!

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  1. This wonderful help to those of u who dont really know how to use this software! thanks for the tutes and that they are printable is an extra bonus!