Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tech Sunday - Designing Mirrored Images

Today, we are going to learn how to do something that I do all the time as a freehand custom quilter.  The nice thing about using Quilt Path is it makes repeating is a breeze.   Let's say we have a basic 4-Patch block that we want to quilt swirls into each patch from the center.  If I was freehand quilting I would tie off in the center and then quilt each swirl ending back in the middle.  It is a simple and effect way to custom quilt.  

Now let's see how we can get Quilt Path to do this for us.  We are going to start out in Design & Create - Patterns.  
Tap on the EZ button on the top right side of QuiltCad, then tap on the Flakes button. 
 Change the Branches number to 4.  We are going to deselect the Double-sided button.  But I want to show you why before we go on.

When you begin drawing you will only be working one quadrant or space.  The remain spaces will draw themselves as you are working.  When you have Double-sided selected, it will be creating mirrored image inside that one space.  So, if you were drawing a hook shape you might get something like this...
While the heart shape is fine, I want a swirl.  So, I will turn the Double-side off and then I can get something like this...

To draw all I did was select the Pattern - Draw button.  

To be able to get smoother swirls you will want to reduce your Node Spacing.  You will notice that mine is set to 2.  I also have Continuous Line selected.  I know it is pretty ugly.  But I can change that by going to Pattern-Edit and Selecting All.  Then I will deselect my points so that they stay points.  
You can see in the picture above that the point nodes are not selected.  I hit smooth many times to get the lines to look the way I wanted them.  Let's see what it looks like when we Quilt it. 

It will ask you to save the file and then it will give you the following message. 

If you say no, you will only save the quadrant that you were actually drawing.  Say Yes to save the reflections.  This will combine the four quadrants into one motif.  

QuiltMotion will come up with your design ready to quilt.  First, you will want to optimize your drawing..
I selected Check for Breaks and the Animated Stitching.  I had it remove any breaks it found.  If you lines are not smooth, you may need to go back in the QuiltCad to smooth them.  If it looks the way you want it to, start quilting!


  1. Gosh, you make it look so easy. I tried following along, but I think because I only have the demo, and it's the older 3.05.03 version, I don't have a Continuous Line option to select.

    But, still, I learned some things, and I appreciate your doing this. Little projects like this are easier to follow and understand, than explanations of menu screens. So, thanks again.

    1. Georgene,

      I will all be easier when you actually get your system. Hopefully that will be soon! :)