Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tech Sunday - Block Pattern Placement Methods

We are back in Sew and Select - Pattern.  Last week we learned about the Fill Methods. This week we will be continuing our exploration of the settings options.
The default Block option gives you two points that you can choose to align your blocks.  This is fine for some applications.  Such as, if you are using a pattern that does not need to actually hit the corners of your blocks. Hitting the corners with a design is where Four Points comes in really handy.  

Notice that I can now set all four corners of my block.  

Now let's say you are not working with a square or rectangle  Let's say you are working on a hexagon quilt.  Go back into your Settings and chose Multi-Point.  In Multi-Point you only have to Fill Methods.  Center or Border.  Border means you are stitching in the ditch, so choose Center. 

You will use the Add Point as you move your longarm around your block.  If you make a mistake you would tap the Remove Last Point.  You can see that the stock pattern above is centered in the Hexagon shape that I drew.  

Now it is time to go and practice what we have learned this fair.  Even if you just draw blocks on practice cloth, try using the three placement methods that we have covered.  The more you play, the more comfortable you will get.  

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