Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tech Sunday - Move to Start

One of my favorite features in Quilt Path is the Move to Start Point button.  This what I do instead of using the Pull Bobbin feature and I use it many other ways, which I will discuss in upcoming posts. This feature is located in the Toolbox option in Quilt Motion. 

The button is right at the top of Tool Box.   
I use this on every pass.  I love that I can move my machine close to where I think the pass will start, choose the Move to Start Point button and the machine magically moves right to where it needs.  It has gotten to be a game to see how close I can get the machine to the right place.  Then I do a quick needle up/down on my machine, hold onto the top thread tail and slide my snips under the hopping foot which brings the bottom thread to the top.  This is just so much faster then the bobbin pull feature, because the machine only moves once.

I am not saying that the Pull Bobbin feature does not have it's place. It is just not a feature that I use often.  I love that there are options on how to do the same thing and get things to work better in my world.

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