Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tech Sunday - Screen Scaling

When I first got my Quilt Path I noticed that the quilting did not look like what I was seeing on the screen.  If this is happening you will want to check your Screen Scaling.  All you need is a ruler that measures a 3 inch square.  I actually used one of Creative Grids rulers that is 4.5 inches square.  It worked great.  

From your Pantostacker screen, select the Help Button. 

The select Set Screen Scaling.

You will see the Get Screen Scale Factors screen.
You want to measure the outer box on the screen.  The first time I did it I measured the smaller square, but you want to measure the whole field.   Hold your ruler on the screen and pull the right side and bottom in or out to make that square a 3" square.  Then click OK.  

You screen will now show you a more accurate representation of what will be quilted.  

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