Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Ruler

It is amazing how such a little feature can have such a big impact on what I do.  I use the Ruler button on quilt path every quilt.  Sometimes in multiple ways.  First off let's get to a place you can see your ruler button.  Open Quilt Path, and Select Design & Create - Pantograph.  Set your Safe Zone if you are on your frame or just click the two buttons if you simulating.

This takes you into Pantostacker.  A place we should all feel comfortable.
At the top center of the screen you will see a button with a ruler graphic.  Select that button.  

A pretty boring looking screen comes up.  It may not look like much, but it is very powerful.  Move your machine to where you want your measurement to start and click on the bottom left center button, then move your machine to the right and towards you a little and click on the bottom right button you will get a line on your screen.  This works in simulate mode as well.  If you are on your table use your finger or stylus to select the first point in the big white rectangle then select the left button and the select another point and select the right button.   You have 3 choices on what you are measuring.  Select the Block button you will see a rectangle.  Click the Length button you will see a straight line.  The Width button will give you a diagonal line.  You can toggle between the three buttons.   

Once you decide which measurement you want to use you click the Apply Measurement Button.  It puts the measurement in the Total Height and/or Total Width fields on the Pantostacker.  The Block choice enters both the Total Height and the Total Width, The Width button enters the total width.  The Length button gives you an message to that you need to use either the Block or Width to use Apply Measurement.  

So why do I think this is so cool?  First off I prefer to set an exact width when I am doing Pantos.  I like to decide exactly where that Panto is going to start and stop.  I started out with the recommended add 2 inches the the measurement I did with a measuring tape.  I personally think 2 inches of over quilting is a little much.  I got down to add half an inch.  Now I just use the ruler to tell it where I want it to start and stop.  

I can see this being used in a lot of different ways.  As soon as I get the chance to piece something for me, I want to do a row by row quilt.  I will then use the block ruler button to set the exact width and height of the rows and do each row differently.   

I can also use the width ruler to set up to do border to border quilting.   How about the borders themselves, especially if I actually turned the quilt.  

The possibilities are endless!  Which is why I love this feature. 


  1. Would this work on a pieced design that creates a chevron across the quilt? I would like the design to fit into the angled chevron row.

    1. Kaye,

      The ruler feature would not be the answer to doing a Chevron, other then giving you the measurement that Quilt Path thinks the lines are. But I can think of a couple ways to accomplish this. The first is that you could set the Chevron up in Quilt CAD and swap it to the back. Then design a motif to fit the Chevron in the top layer. As long as you don't merge the layers, when you save it will only save the motif. You could then use this multiple times down the quilt, if the spaces are all the same measurements. Or you could design several motifs and alternate them.

      Or you could use the triangle set to set triangles into the chevrons that would be more of a point to point design. Which would mean you would not have to go into QuiltCAD.