Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tech Sunday - Organization

I love this new addition to my studio!
There are several things in the picture that I really like.  The lime green toolbox is a given.  Lime green makes me happy!  And this tool chest holds all my rulers, bobbins, zipper sets, marking tools and a few actual tools.  I have wanted one for a while.  It actually comes in a lot of colors including a teal that I really wanted.  My local Sears had the lime green on sale. I don't think my family believes me that I was actually looking for the teal one.  My love of lime green is well known...  

Then there is the Gypsy Bitty Buddy Collapsible Canister, the purple thing hanging off my longarm...  It collapses flat and weighs nothing.  I have one hanging on both ends of my longarm.  

My air compressor gets used daily.  I can put up with the noise since it makes cleaning my machine so easy.  

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