Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tech Sunday - Keeping notes

I have learned some hard lessons when quilting with my Quilt Path.  I have a tendency to forget to save my file before I send it to Quilt Motion.  Then if something happens, like I pause the computer and go out to dinner then come back to find out that the tablet does not want to respond and lose what I have been quilting.  You would think I would learn after the first time I had and issue and had not saved the file.  So I now have a back plan so that I can recreate what I need.  First I take a small post it not, with the size I need to put into Quilt Path, the Pantograph name and the top thread color and bobbin thread color on it.

I use masking tape to adhere it to the face of my Millie, because the movement of the machine over a couple hours tends to cause the post it note to fall off.  I have stitched through one.  It did only take me once to figure out how to prevent that issue.

I also take a picture of the Pantostacker screen so I can see what my setting were.  I use either my iPhone or iPad and delete it when I finish the quilt.

I also now leave my tape that marks the top of the row on until that row is quilted.  Unless it is in the stitching path.

I am loving my Quilt Path!


  1. How can I join this forum? I have a new Quilt Path and having a heck of a time with my "Safe Area". nothing seems to work. I thought I read everything I could on it and still stuck./ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lorraine

    1. Lorraine, There are a couple ways to get information on Quilt Path. I do a weekly post on this blog. You can add it to an RSS feed like Feedly or Bloglovin or there is a link on the right side of the blog that let's you follow by email. You will get an email when ever I point.

      You can ask questions and get answers on the forum at

      If you are on facebook, friend me and I will invite you to the Facebook Quilt Path Users Group.

      Ask questions! There are quite a few people that are using the program and are willing to help.

      As far a the Safe Area, Did the program ask you if you wanted to simulate when you entered? If so, and the tablet is on your longarm, say no. Also make sure that the red clamps are fully engaged. They kind of hyper extend up and back. If you move the longarm, you should see both belts move. You also want to set the safe area wider then the top, but inside the clamps on the backing. You are telling the program my longarm will not hit any obstructions within this area.