Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Install

Well I just looked at my blog and realized that my last two Tech Sunday post did not actually post.  I did them on my iPad and the did say they had posted but I never checked.  Not sure what is up with my iPad app, but I think I will stick to posting off my laptop for a while.  If I can find the pictures that went with my post I will post them later... It was obviously a non Tech Sunday last week... 

Sunday was a very busy day.  Sheri and I packed out our booth an the North Carolina Quilt Symposium, loaded the trailer with the help of our wonderful husbands, and headed back home.  We quickly unloaded the trailer into the garage and actually got pretty close to getting the right stuff to the right person.  Sheri ended up with my charity quilts and actually quilted them for me.  Thanks Sheri!!!  I ended up with a garage full of stuff and am still looking for a couple things that we have misplaced.  

By 3PM, Matt and I were installing my Quilt Path.   I have a 2008 Millie and my frame has the old C rail system.  When you are installing Quilt Path, you really have to read the instructions.  With all the different machine heads and rail combinations you need to make sure you are doing what you need to for YOUR system.  As always I am truly impressed with the details in instructions included.  Matt and I installed the system and it was up and running in a little over an hour.  It will be much quicker next time because we will not make the same mistakes.  

The board upgrade was quick and easy.  The change to the new carriage was a breeze.   I waited to the upgrade until I got back because I knew I was getting a new carriage.  I like the new narrow carriage.  I now have two wide carriages sitting around.  But that gives me a spare for my show frame.  

The problem came when we  installed the stepping motor and the idler.  I was happily reading Matt the instructions for the new Bliss-ready frame.  The only problem with that is that I don't have a Bliss-ready frame.  So we got the stepping motor and idler installed and put the belt on.  Then Matt looked at me and said this can not be right.  The whole thing was at a strange angle.  Huh?  Doesn't look that way in the pictures.  Then I noticed that the rails looked different in the pictures too.  The inside of the C rails are slanted.  The inside of the Bliss-ready rails are flat.  It took me a couple minutes to do a very simply thing...flip the page.  Whoops, a whole set of instructions for how to install the parts on C rails.  So off came the belt, stepping motor and idler.  We had to take the bolts out of both sides of each legs, slip the supplied metal spacer on the back side of the leg between the leg and the rail and the top of the stepping motor or idler between the leg and the rail on the front.  And it is now level.   Nothing was hard, it is just really important to read the instructions for the install.  

I had practice cloth on and was playing with quilting blocks in no time.  :)

In a little while I will post a second Tech Sunday this week because I want to show you the 2 quilts I quilted with my new Quilt Path.  I am totally in love!

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