Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Double Header!

I finished and delivered my last May customer quilt on Thursday.  I still had one day of May left.  Yeah!  A free day!  So I decided to load a quilt of mine and quilt it with my new Quilt Path.  Other then playing with quilting a couple feathered blocks last Sunday I have not played with it, because I needed to get my May customer quilts done.  I decided to just wing it and quilt a play mat that I have been working on for the Twins.  Now I would never suggest that you just load a quilt with no practice, but I am well known for not following my own advice.

I took a brake from cleaning my studio to take the picture above.  It was so strange to see my machine moving without me.  It was quilting when I took the picture.  Too cool!  I chose a design that came with the system for this first quilt and it turn out great.  The Twins saw it yesterday and tried to convince me that binding was optional and that it needed to go home with them.  I did this Thursday evening and it took under an hour.  I will work on binding it this evening.

So then I decided I still had all of Friday.  It seemed only right that I could load another quilt for me.  Friday was house cleaning day because Matt's Aunts and Uncles were in town and would be spending the night.  I decided to try out my multitasking skills.  I loaded the next quilt on the frame so that I could start it Friday morning.  
In my "Go Big or Go Home" way, I decided that I would use a panto that did not come with the system, and use high contrast thread.  This panto is Passion Flower by Urban Elementz.  I love the ribbons and spiky flowers.  I used Wild Grass Green So Fine by Superior Threads on top and Lime Green Superbobs by Superior Threads on the bottom.  And you can see every stitch on the solid black Kona Cotton that I used on the borders and sashing.
The back looks awesome!  Even with some issues that I caused and did not really know how to correct, I was able to troubleshoot a way to line up the passes manually.

And because of those self inflicted issues, I could not figure out a way to get the last partial pass to quilt so I free handed the designs.  It is my quilt, so it is not an issue and unless I point it out most people would never notice!  And I have the freehand skills so I might as well use them.  

The thing that excites me the most is that I quilted two of my tops!  See why I am in love!  My stuff is always on the bottom of the to-do list.  But Friday, I started the dishwasher, had the washer and dryer both running and Quilt Path was quilting away... all at the same time.   And I was even able to keep straightening up my studio.  So now when I want to work on cleaning the studio, I will be quilting one of my Mom's tops or one of mine.   I love my Quilt Path!!!!

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