Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tech Sunday - Getting Ready for Quilt Path

Since I was hoping that I would have my Quilt Path already, I had planned to talk about the install today. I might get it installed before next Sunday, but it is not looking likely that it will happen. I may have to wait until after NC Quilt Symposium and a family reunion, so it could be as long as the first week of June. In the interim, I have been doing something that I have not done in my 5 years of longarming. I have been spending time on pantograph sites. I am really having to be strong and not buy everything. Sheri has been giving me lots of advice on what to buy. So far I have only purchased from Urban Elementz. Sheri ordered some sets for me that will come on CDS. We will have them in our vendor booth if you would like to check them out. I have a list of ones that I like from other sites, but I decided to only buy a few to start out with. Since I will be buying digital copies and I can download them on a whim, I figured that I would make list of ones I like and when I need something for a customer I would buy at that point.

Today I have been working on piecing. Something I almost never get to do. I have loaded the customer quilt that I will be starting int he morning. I still have 4 quilts after that one that I would really like to get done before I install Quilt Path. It will be here Wednesday so we will see if I can make myself stick to that decision. So far, no update on UPS past the post that it left Dennison, IA on Friday. I did not really think there would be a update over the weekend, but that has not stopped me from checking.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Mother-in-Law! And to all the other Moms in my life!

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