Wednesday, May 15, 2013

APQS Beginner's Class in Raleigh, NC

With the beginner class offered at APQS, our goal is to teach you the skills you'll need to accomplish a typical quilting project on your new longarm machine. This class is designed to be an introduction to machine quilting after you have made yourself familiar with your machine controls. Whether you intend to start a business or just want to get your quilts done faster, you'll learn valuable techniques to accomplish your projects creatively and efficiently. This class is mostly "demonstration" so we can squeeze in as much information as possible.

We will cover specific topics during each class, however, each class is unique and based on the needs of the students. We encourage questions and active participation -- you're here to learn!

Bring all your questions about operating the machine, business practices, thread, tension and anything else you can think of. This is a demonstration/lecture class. No hands on time will be available. Information we will cover includes:

Starting a business
Thread, tension, batting
Deciding how to quilt a quilt
Dealing with problem quilts
Different methods for loading quilts
Stitching a block
Marking quilt designs
Ruler work

*Free to qualified new APQS owners or $200

When:  Wednesday, June 12th
9:30AM- 4PM
Where: Thread Waggle Quilting
Lunch will be provided.
Space is limited so, call Angela to reserve your space. 919-576-9897
If this is not a good date, call me so that we can arrange a future date for you to attend.

Quilt Path is here!

Woo Hoo!  Our UPS Driver has been here twice today.  I ran out to see him the first time and it was not my Quilt Path.  Then about 2 hours later he comes back and I ran out again.  He looked at me and said he hoped that he had what I was looking for this time.  It was a big box from APQS so I knew right away it was! He was not sure why the computer did not link the two shipments to the same address but it was on his truck when he stopped the first time, but for some reason it was inserted into his route at a different spot. Seems like a waste of gas on their part.  I would think that the software that routes the truck would pick up that there were two shipments to the same address.  He did say that there are times when he will end up on the same street 4 or 5 times.  Yikes!

I have registered Windows and opened the Quilt Path software, just to make sure all was OK.  But I don't plan on installing the new hardware to my frame until after the North Carolina Quilt Symposium next weekend.  I will have the tablet with us in the both if you want to see the what the software looks like.   I have only played with it a little so I in will be a couple weeks before I really feel at home with it.

Now back to finishing the quilt on my frame! :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

It finally moved!

On Friday I told myself that My Quilt Path would spend the weekend in a parking lot. This morning it has started moving again and is steadily working its way across Iowa! Most importantly, it is now moving EAST! YEAH! It just checked in to Davenport, so it should be leaving Iowa soon.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tech Sunday - Getting Ready for Quilt Path

Since I was hoping that I would have my Quilt Path already, I had planned to talk about the install today. I might get it installed before next Sunday, but it is not looking likely that it will happen. I may have to wait until after NC Quilt Symposium and a family reunion, so it could be as long as the first week of June. In the interim, I have been doing something that I have not done in my 5 years of longarming. I have been spending time on pantograph sites. I am really having to be strong and not buy everything. Sheri has been giving me lots of advice on what to buy. So far I have only purchased from Urban Elementz. Sheri ordered some sets for me that will come on CDS. We will have them in our vendor booth if you would like to check them out. I have a list of ones that I like from other sites, but I decided to only buy a few to start out with. Since I will be buying digital copies and I can download them on a whim, I figured that I would make list of ones I like and when I need something for a customer I would buy at that point.

Today I have been working on piecing. Something I almost never get to do. I have loaded the customer quilt that I will be starting int he morning. I still have 4 quilts after that one that I would really like to get done before I install Quilt Path. It will be here Wednesday so we will see if I can make myself stick to that decision. So far, no update on UPS past the post that it left Dennison, IA on Friday. I did not really think there would be a update over the weekend, but that has not stopped me from checking.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Mother-in-Law! And to all the other Moms in my life!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tracking is working

I wonder if UPS tracks how often you track your packages.....

My Quilt Path has left the factory and spent 19 minutes in Denison, Iowa this evening. Hopefully it will start heading east soon...


I am getting to experience what my customers go through. When I ordered Quilt Path I knew there was a waiting list. So when I got the call from Heidi that my turn was coming up, it was really exciting. Then you have to make final payment... After which you get an email from the wonderful Josh in shipping. All my customers love Josh, but I don't think many of them have even spoken to him. That email means your order is on it's way. Today it was my turn to get the email from Josh! Who happens to really be a great person! I know that he has packed my Quilt Path up with care and that it will soon be here waiting for me to install it. Now if UPS would just get there to pick it up so I can start checking the tracking every 30 seconds until it arrives at my door. No one that knows me well has ever described me as patient. :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tech Sunday update - Protect yourself with Masking tape!

I got this picture from my good friend, Chris Schnell of Chris Schnell Quilting.  Chris uses masking tape over her pins when she loads her quilt to prevent getting unexpectedly pricked while quilting.

I have taped over pins on my belly bar, but only think of it after one has gotten me.  I had never thought of doing it while I was loading the quilt.  Thanks for the great tip, Chris!  And I am so jealous of  the beautiful wood floors in your studio!  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Southeast Longarm

Sheri Collette of  Maxine and Me Quilting, and I have started a new venture together.   First off, I want to congratulate Sheri on becoming an APQS representative!

We have decided to work together to do vending at shows and when teaching classes.  Sheri has actually been helping me in my booths for years, but she decided to go full out and become a rep in her own right.  Our next vending experience will be at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium later this month in Fayetteville.  We will not only be bringing one of our APQS Millenniums, we will also be selling longarm tools and notions.  Things like longarm templates and pantos.  So if you will be at NCQSI, stop by and say hi!

We have also started a joint blog at  We are looking forward to sharing our longarm knowledge and getting to meet fellow longarmers at upcoming shows.

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Coming...

I got that "oh so exciting" call last week.  I have been waiting for a call from Heidi from APQS for a little while, because that means my order is about to ship.  My APQS Quilt Path should be coming this week.  I just can't wait to get my hands on it.  But I have made myself promise to get two more quilts done before I can even think about installing it.  I am sure that every time I hear the brakes on a delivery truck I am going to be putting my nose to the windows to see if it is coming to my house.  :)   For now, I will just have to get back to work, with a huge grin on my face, so that I can play when it get here.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Tech - Another use for Masking tape...

Last Sunday I revealed my love of orange masking tape. I thought I would show you another way I use it. When I am using thread that really blends into the quilt top, I can't always see where I have stitched. Since I don't want to quilt over the previous lines and I have lots of bright orange masking tape, I just tape over the lines so that I can tell where I have been.
 And I put it on the first feathers when I am doing a border so that when I am working back up to this point I can easily see where I started.
Love this stuff!