Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tech Sunday - APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder

Did you know you can make adjustments to your Turbo Bobbin Winder?   There is a tension knob so that you can control the tension while winding your bobbin.  And yes sometimes you do need to play with the know to get that perfectly wound bobbin. You want the bobbin to wind tight and neat.  If your bobbins look loose and sloppy, make sure the thread is actually between the tension discs.  If it is then tighten you tension.  (righty tighty, lefty loosey)  You bobbin tension can also be too tight.  

One of the most helpful adjustment being able to adjust how full your bobbin loads.  It is the most common adjustment I make when setting up new machines.  Normally they load a little less then I would like them to.  See the bar that goes through the part that you push toward the bobbin to start the winder.  The screw on the part that is inserted toward that bar is what holds the bar in place.  If you loosen that screw, you can slide the bar back and forth to adjust the fullness of the bobbin.  If you pus the bar toward the bobbin is will be less full, if you push it away from the bobbin it will let the bobbin fill more.  You want the thread to be just slightly inside the sides of the bobbin.  If you over fill the bobbin it will not fit into the bobbin case. 


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  1. Thank you for this, I have been having some slight issues with mine, I'm going to try these tips!