Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Posting

I am having a hard time believing that it is already a week into December.   I have decided that this year my December is going to be focused on my family.  I will not be posting any Tech Sunday posts until after Christmas.   I will use any free time I find myself with to work on future posts so that we are ready for more Quilt Path fun in the new year.

2013 has been an awesome year here at Thread Waggle Quilting!  As I look back it does not seem possible that I did everything that happened this year.  Traveling all over North Carolina with my friend, and fellow APQS dealer, Sheri of Maxine and Me Quilting has been awesome!  It is hard work, but we have so much fun doing it!

On top of teaching longarm quilting classes, I have been fortunate to teach domestic free motion quilting classes at Wish Upon A Quilt.  I love teaching.  And if anyone has been around me for more then a second, they know that if you ask me a quilting question you are going to be there for a while.

I had been thinking about adding a computer to my longarm for several years.  Adding Quilt Path to my business has been the best thing I have done since I purchased my APQS Millennium!  I am still amazed at how it has changed my business.  I think the thing that has surprised me the most is how much less stress I have in my life.

The one thing that has added stress is deciding to Co-Chair the CQG/CLA quilt show that is coming up in March 2014.  I knew it would be a lot of work but I never imagined it would take the amount of time that it has.  It has all been worth it because I have gotten to know quite a few people in both groups that I did not know before.  I am blessed to be surrounded by a group of talented quilters!

On top of all of that, I have been quilting up a storm!

I am looking forward to getting to relax and spend time with Matt and my parents over the next couple weeks.  Then Matt and I will get to spend time with his family, where all of the focus is on those amazing 4 year old twins!

I have already started making plans for 2014.  So hold onto your hats because we are in for a very fun, wild ride!

Wishing your and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tech Sunday - Creating Egg and Dart in Quilt Path

My friend Karen was trying to figure out how to use a panto that is two rows that are mirrored.   While she was using a commercial pattern, it works the same as using a semi circle to create egg and dart.

Quilt Path comes with a semi circle, so now I can have quilt path do one of my very favorite sashings!

 From the Home screen, under Design & Create, click on Pattern.  This will take you into PatternCAD.
Click the Select Pattern Button.  Click on the Continuous Line button.  Choose SemiCircle.
Once the semicircle is on your screen, click on the Draw button under Mirror and then click on the Horizontal button
You now have the image you are looking for, a single egg and dart.  To get rid of the horizontal line click on Apply Mirror.
 Now all you need to do is save your new design.  If you did not apply the mirror you will get a message asking you if you want to save the reflection.  You just say yes and it will apply the mirror at that time.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Last Row Issue Fixes

Every longarm quilter feels joy when the bottom border of a quilt is in the quilting area on their frame.  I just love know that I am almost done. I want nothing to crush that happiness.  

Occasionally, I am just having one of those days, when I did not get the length of the quilt quite right.  It is not a huge problem if the quilt is shorter then what I entered.  I just let it quilt a little bit lower onto the batting, or use the skew corners buttons.  But what if the quilt is 4 inches longer? If it is close, I can still use the skew buttons, but that will warp the panto and it is not always aesthetically pleasing.  (Read that as it would look so bad I could never let it leave my studio.)  

I basically have a choice here, waste a little bit more of the backing fabric or having the quilt not look the way I want it to. I am going for the quilt itself looking right every time.  We request the extra backing so that we can use it if needed.  This is one of those times!

This is one of those times that the PS Placement feature comes in handy.  This is where you can trick Quilt Path into quilting an extra row. I linked to the post about how this feature is used above, so I am just going to jump in and tell you what I do.  I make sure that I have my alignment spot marked, so that I can use it after I change rows.  Then I go in and click the minus button, which lets me re-quilt the previous row.  The Placement Map will still show the original number of rows, but my quilt will have an additional row added on to it.   

This normally means that I am not quilting the fill-in row at the bottom, the last row (when it is a partial row) or that the last row is quilting several inches off the bottom of the quilt.   It is all about getting the actual quilt to look right.   Remember, you don't have to quilt it just because it on the screen. Even if there are more rows showing when the quilt is quilted, just tap the big red X and close Quilt Motion.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tech Sunday - Changing Rows in Quilt Path

This is for the times that you accidentally hit that little red X at the top left of the Quilt Motion screen and end up back in Quilt Cad.  I still do it every once and a while.  I think I am in the optimize screen and then bad words happen and I have to click on Send by Row again.  In future posts I will talk about how to realign, but for this one I am going on the assumption that you have marked the center and that mark is just sitting there waiting for you to hit the centering button on the placement screen.

Once Quilt Motion comes back up, the design is in the top left of the Safe Area.  If you do not have partial rows on this quilt you could just move the machine to the center, tap the center button and keep going.  In a perfect world it would not matter that you actually had just finished the 3 row of 10.  But in my world it does matter.  Because I like undulating pantos and there is almost always a partial row at the top of my quilts.  

On the bottom right of the Quilt Motion screen you will see what looks like a white information box.  Yes, it has been there the whole time you have owned Quilt Path.  It was not obvious to me that it is actually a button.  But you will notice that the last sentence says "Tap here to view Pattern Map".
Once you tap it, it shows which row you are on.
Right now I am on the first row, but let's say before I closed out, I had just finished the third row.  If I click the plus button it will move the rows down the screen. Once the forth row is highlighted, I can move my machine to the center mark, tap the center button and I am ready to quilt.  

This gets a little more confusing when you have an undulating panto that has a fill-in row at the top.  To understand what the placement screen is going to do, I want you to think about how Quilt Path would actually quilt this.  It is going to quilt the first row and then quilt the fill in row above it.  Then go to the second full row.  When you tap the plus button, it will do the same thing, it will highlight the fill-in row.  When you tap the plus button again, the second full row will become highlighted.

The minus button takes you the opposite way, or back up the quilt.  And remember, if you go in to see what this screen does, and then want to start quilting, you will want to use the placements buttons to make sure that your are aligned correctly.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tech Sunday - Move to Start

One of my favorite features in Quilt Path is the Move to Start Point button.  This what I do instead of using the Pull Bobbin feature and I use it many other ways, which I will discuss in upcoming posts. This feature is located in the Toolbox option in Quilt Motion. 

The button is right at the top of Tool Box.   
I use this on every pass.  I love that I can move my machine close to where I think the pass will start, choose the Move to Start Point button and the machine magically moves right to where it needs.  It has gotten to be a game to see how close I can get the machine to the right place.  Then I do a quick needle up/down on my machine, hold onto the top thread tail and slide my snips under the hopping foot which brings the bottom thread to the top.  This is just so much faster then the bobbin pull feature, because the machine only moves once.

I am not saying that the Pull Bobbin feature does not have it's place. It is just not a feature that I use often.  I love that there are options on how to do the same thing and get things to work better in my world.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tech Sunday - How to draw a straight line in Quilt Path

The first time I went into Design & Create - Patterns, I tried to draw a straight line.    I have not had a lot of time to play in this part of Quilt Path and this is one thing I just could not figure out. 

There is a line button and I was able to draw all kinds of squiggly things with it.  I even used it to sign my name, but I just could get a straight line.  Can you believe it is as easy as clicking one button.  

In PatternCad on the right side under Patterns, click on the Draw button. Then select Line.  See the button with nodes on it under Node Spacing.  It is selected by default, click on it to deselect.  

Now draw a line.  
Yes, it really was that easy.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quilt Path - How to make concentric circles

Now that we know how to get Quilt Path to make a circle, we can also have it make concentric circles.

We are going to start with our 50 sided polygon.

Click the nodes button on the left side of the screen.  

This will highlight our circle with solid red nodes.  At the top of the screen click on the copy button.  

On the right side of the screen, under Patterns click on the edit button.

Since both of our circles are the same size we will want to re-size the selected circle.  Let's make it larger.  Click on the Size button.

To keep our circle looking like a circle and not an oval you will want to lock the aspects so that they change together, so we need to click on the lock icon.  We also want to make a dramatic change so let's change our step size to jumbo.  Now click the up button.

Notice how the circles are not concentric.  We still need to move the highlighted circle.  Click the Move button.  It is easier to control where we are going if we also change our step to small. 

Now use the arrow keeps to move the circle to the desired location. 

We now have concentric circles!

Quilt Path - How to make a circle

First off, I want to talk about quilting a circle.  If you are using a circle template on your longarm, you might think you are quilting a perfect circle.  After all, if you did it well, it looks like a circle.  Here is the rub, stitches don't bend, they are straight! So that circle you just quilted is actually a polygon with lots of very tiny straight sides. 

I never thought of that until today, but it is true.  Every curve we quilt is made up of straight stitches, because stitches don't bend.  The smaller your stitches are, the more sides you have and the closer you get to a true circle. 

So how do get Quilt Path to make a circle for us?   Now that we know that any circle we quilt is actually a polygon in disguise, the steps to do this are pretty straight forward.   

From your Home page, in Design & Create choose the Pattern button.

This will bring up PatternCad.  On the right side click on the EZ button.

Now choose the Polygon button.

When the Polygon screen opens you will see a triangle.  At this point you should be having flashbacks to high school geometry.  You can either hit the plus sign 47 times, or click on the number and you will be able to enter 50.  

It looks like a circle! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tech Sunday - Screen Scaling

When I first got my Quilt Path I noticed that the quilting did not look like what I was seeing on the screen.  If this is happening you will want to check your Screen Scaling.  All you need is a ruler that measures a 3 inch square.  I actually used one of Creative Grids rulers that is 4.5 inches square.  It worked great.  

From your Pantostacker screen, select the Help Button. 

The select Set Screen Scaling.

You will see the Get Screen Scale Factors screen.
You want to measure the outer box on the screen.  The first time I did it I measured the smaller square, but you want to measure the whole field.   Hold your ruler on the screen and pull the right side and bottom in or out to make that square a 3" square.  Then click OK.  

You screen will now show you a more accurate representation of what will be quilted.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Ruler

It is amazing how such a little feature can have such a big impact on what I do.  I use the Ruler button on quilt path every quilt.  Sometimes in multiple ways.  First off let's get to a place you can see your ruler button.  Open Quilt Path, and Select Design & Create - Pantograph.  Set your Safe Zone if you are on your frame or just click the two buttons if you simulating.

This takes you into Pantostacker.  A place we should all feel comfortable.
At the top center of the screen you will see a button with a ruler graphic.  Select that button.  

A pretty boring looking screen comes up.  It may not look like much, but it is very powerful.  Move your machine to where you want your measurement to start and click on the bottom left center button, then move your machine to the right and towards you a little and click on the bottom right button you will get a line on your screen.  This works in simulate mode as well.  If you are on your table use your finger or stylus to select the first point in the big white rectangle then select the left button and the select another point and select the right button.   You have 3 choices on what you are measuring.  Select the Block button you will see a rectangle.  Click the Length button you will see a straight line.  The Width button will give you a diagonal line.  You can toggle between the three buttons.   

Once you decide which measurement you want to use you click the Apply Measurement Button.  It puts the measurement in the Total Height and/or Total Width fields on the Pantostacker.  The Block choice enters both the Total Height and the Total Width, The Width button enters the total width.  The Length button gives you an message to that you need to use either the Block or Width to use Apply Measurement.  

So why do I think this is so cool?  First off I prefer to set an exact width when I am doing Pantos.  I like to decide exactly where that Panto is going to start and stop.  I started out with the recommended add 2 inches the the measurement I did with a measuring tape.  I personally think 2 inches of over quilting is a little much.  I got down to add half an inch.  Now I just use the ruler to tell it where I want it to start and stop.  

I can see this being used in a lot of different ways.  As soon as I get the chance to piece something for me, I want to do a row by row quilt.  I will then use the block ruler button to set the exact width and height of the rows and do each row differently.   

I can also use the width ruler to set up to do border to border quilting.   How about the borders themselves, especially if I actually turned the quilt.  

The possibilities are endless!  Which is why I love this feature. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream Big!

This time five years ago, I was writing a business plan.  It took me several weeks.  There was a lot of research done on my competitor's pricing.  I was still trying to decide if I really wanted to start my own business.  I didn't even know which longarm I was going to end up purchasing.  I really thought I wanted an APQS Millennium, but I had never actually touched one.   Market was fast approaching and I decided to go ahead and form the business so I could get my credentials in and attend Market.  My plan was to drive to Houston, kidnap my Mom on the way, and stay with my sister.  I thought I would actually purchase a longarm the next spring, this was just a research trip.

Market was a mind blowing experience.  I played on every machine on a frame, even the DSMs.  I kept sneaking back to the APQS booth.  I called Matt to tell him what I had learned and he said those fateful words... "I am sick of talking about longarms, if you know what you want, just buy it already."  I ran back to the booth and ordered my Millie.  I will forever be sorry for mowing down the people in my way, but I was on a mission.  Ha!  No one was mowed down, but I "may" have thought about it.

Everything worked out wonderfully!  I still love my Millie!  I have gotten to do some really fun things because of it.  My life is now completely crazy, but I love what I do.  I now know something I did not know when I wrote that business plan 5 years ago... Dream Big!  It is going to be so much fun to look at this new business plan in 5 years and see what I actually accomplished!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tech Sunday - Importing files to Quilt Path

While Quilt Path does come with some digital designs, you will eventually want to add to your design choices.  Today is the day we look at how to get those designs into the software so that you can use them.  Quilt path can read from quite a few different file types.  The ones that I use are qli (Statler) and cqp (Compuquilter).  I have used both, my preference is to use qli if it is available.  

There are some import things you need to know before starting.  First off I never search the internet or download designs on my Surface.  I do that on my laptop or desktop and the save the qli file to a flash drive.  Must companies download a compressed folder.  Do not put the entire folder onto your flash drive. Quilt Path can not see inside a zipped(or compressed) folder.  Save yourself a lot of frustration and just transfer the individual file to the flash.  You should also think about where you want to save all the digital designs that you purchase.  For instance, I put them all in a folder on my network storage device so that I know that are all together and that I have a backup of that location.  I want to make sure I can get to them if I ever need to re-import one.  Once you have the single file on your flash-drive, safely remove it from your computer and take it over to your Quilt Path and insert it into the USB hub.

To bring the file in you need to be the Pantostacker.
On the top right select the Plugins button
Select the Import button
Now you need to navigate to your flash-drive.  Select the New Drive button, it will list all the drives attached to your tablet.  Like your computer, C drive is the hard-drive on the tablet itself.  My flash-drive is normally listed as D, but yours might have a different drive designation depending on which USB part you plugged your flash-drive into on the USB hub.     Once you select the file and select the Import button, the Optimize screen will appear.

When you click OK,  you will be taking to the Save Import screen.  You need to click in the file name field on the bottom right and then a keyboard will come up.
Once you select enter on the keyboard you will be taken to the save file screen. 
Not that on the bottom right the file name Hilton is displayed.  That is the file I am currently importing.  You will also see the path to where my Quilt Path is going to save the file at the very top of the screen.  But that is not where I want to put the file.  I like to organize my designs so that I can find them later so I would select the Patterns button and then navigate to where I do what the file saved.  Once I am inside the folder where I want Hilton saved I will select the Save button on the bottom right.  
Now Hilton is available for me to use on whichever quilts that I want to.  This is one of my favorite designs and is available at Urban Elementz!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tech Sunday - It has to be plugged in...

My friend Sheri from Maxine and Me Quilting just got her AQPS Quilt Path on Thursday.  Like me, she has waited a long time to add a computer to her system and is really excited.  I went over on Friday to help her install the system.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before we finished the install and she got an error message when she tried to turn it on.  I have gotten the same message before when I have forgot to turn the carriage on so I was fairly sure something was not plugged in correctly.

Matt and I went back over today to see if we could figure out what was going on, because Sheri and her husband had checked all the connections multiple times and had had no luck in getting the system to work.  The husbands went to play golf, Sheri and I looked at the system.  All the wires were plugged in, I checked the board we had installed to make sure that the ribbon cable was firmly installed.  The only other place I could think of that we had not check was under the carriage.  So when the guys got home I asked them to help us get the machine off the frame so that we could check the carriage.

Yep, I think that plug that is not plugged in might cause an issue.  How did I miss that during the install.  Yikes!  Plugged it in, got the carriage and machine back on the frame.  And it works!

Moral of this story, check your carriage before you install.  It is a lot easier to prevent this issue, then to fix it after everything is back on the frame.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tech Sunday - Organization

I love this new addition to my studio!
There are several things in the picture that I really like.  The lime green toolbox is a given.  Lime green makes me happy!  And this tool chest holds all my rulers, bobbins, zipper sets, marking tools and a few actual tools.  I have wanted one for a while.  It actually comes in a lot of colors including a teal that I really wanted.  My local Sears had the lime green on sale. I don't think my family believes me that I was actually looking for the teal one.  My love of lime green is well known...  

Then there is the Gypsy Bitty Buddy Collapsible Canister, the purple thing hanging off my longarm...  It collapses flat and weighs nothing.  I have one hanging on both ends of my longarm.  

My air compressor gets used daily.  I can put up with the noise since it makes cleaning my machine so easy.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tech Sunday - Words and Numbers

Since I skipped 4 weeks of Tech Sundays, I thought I would throw in an extra one this week.

I thought I would share something else that I did on my customer's T-shirt quilt.  I used my Quilt Path to quilt the year she graduated.   I can see all kinds of ways to use this feature.  Names, places, etc.  And they come out wonderful!

From the Pattern screen select the Plugins button on the top right and the chose Font.  Type in what you want.  On the bottom left you will see the font that is being used.  You can click the + and - buttons to scroll through the fonts. I love this because it will change what you have typed and you can see what your word will look like.

I can see me using this feature often!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tech Sunday - Using Quilt Path to Create a Custom Border Treatment

Happy Sunday!

Today I am working on a customer quilt.  She pieced a T-Shirt quilt and wanted the quilting to be reflective of her college experience.  She gave me a list of things that have special meaning to her college years.  And even set some pictures that had special meaning, like her class ring.

One of the things that is special is an oak leaf.  It is actually engraved into the side of the class ring.  I took the picture she sent, printed it out.  Then enlarged it.  The I used my Quilt Path to record me tracing that oak leaf, drew a connecting line so that it could be repeated and made into a border.
Here is the border as it looks on my Quilt Path.

Have I told you how much I love my Quilt Path?  I used to do this by sewing through the paper with my machine and then using the paper as a stencil to free hand.  This works about the same way but it is so much quicker!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Great APQS Longarm Giveaway!

Wow!  A Lucey and Quilt Path!  This is a awesome giveaway!

Click Here to see all the details on!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tech Sunday - Keeping notes

I have learned some hard lessons when quilting with my Quilt Path.  I have a tendency to forget to save my file before I send it to Quilt Motion.  Then if something happens, like I pause the computer and go out to dinner then come back to find out that the tablet does not want to respond and lose what I have been quilting.  You would think I would learn after the first time I had and issue and had not saved the file.  So I now have a back plan so that I can recreate what I need.  First I take a small post it not, with the size I need to put into Quilt Path, the Pantograph name and the top thread color and bobbin thread color on it.

I use masking tape to adhere it to the face of my Millie, because the movement of the machine over a couple hours tends to cause the post it note to fall off.  I have stitched through one.  It did only take me once to figure out how to prevent that issue.

I also take a picture of the Pantostacker screen so I can see what my setting were.  I use either my iPhone or iPad and delete it when I finish the quilt.

I also now leave my tape that marks the top of the row on until that row is quilted.  Unless it is in the stitching path.

I am loving my Quilt Path!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tech Sunday - Manual Mode

One of the best things that was ever invented for a longarm is the Stitch Regulator.  They are wonderful.  I love that mine will keep my stitches even no matter how fast or slow I go, and in every direction.  But recently I have found myself using it less and less.   I really think the reason for this is that I have spent the last five years listening to the motor on my longarm and have made it a game to see if I can keep it form revving when I am using the stitch regulator.  

So now when I go into Manual Mode, it is no big deal.  I just quilt smaller and much faster.  My challenge for you this week is to put some practice cloth on your frame and spend some time playing without your stitch regular.  Just relax and do it.  It gets to where it is almost a zen experience.  My new game is to see how small I can make my motifs.  It is so much fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tech Sunday - Realigning Quilt Path After Power Outage

Thursday a huge storm blew through the NC.  With winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour.  It was unreal.  I knew it was coming so what happened was really my own fault.  Luckily the quilt on the frame was one of my Mom's.  It is not like the quilt was damaged and I was actually talking to my mom on the phone when I realized that I was going to have to stop Quilt Path about half way through a pass and take shelter in my laundry room.  We have really tall trees in our backyard..  They are quite a ways from the house, but when a pine tree that is around hundred feet tall is bending and coming close to your house it is not time to play with your longarm.  It is a good thing I bailed when I did because we lost power about minutes later.

I did save the file I was working on.  I have been doing this ever time before I transfer the file to Quilt Motion and it will now be something that always happens.  I also take a quick picture of the Panto screen with my phone before I hit the Quilt By Row button so I can set it back up if needed.   All I really needed to do was to figure out how to get it to start where I stopped.  I was just over half way across the row and had removed the painter tape that I use to align the row.  If it had still been there this would have been a little easier.  Because in that case when the file was transferred to Quilt Motion all I would have had to do is use the repair pattern, closest stitch button.    Since that mark was gone I needed to realign the pass manually.  I did this by working with the left top align button I got it close then I traced forward about an inch stopped, traced back to the beginning and used the nudge buttons to get the needle over where I started.  Then I used that wonderful closest stitch button.  

Since this is something that I had worried about before it ever happened, I am kind of glad that it happened and I found a way to work the situation.  That way I no longer need to worry about it.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Modern Quilting

Here is one of my recent customer quilts.  It is currently hanging at Wish Upon a Quilt.  Cathy told me she wanted Modern Quilting and to have fun.   I had so much fun quilting this quilt!  I love how it turned out.  I really wanted to keep this quilt for myself.   This is really making me want to run out an buy fabric so I can make one for myself!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path

I have tried to figure out how to get the post that are showing in my Blogger app on my iPad as posted to actually post.  I am officially giving up and just retyping them.  So here is the post that should have posted several weeks ago. 

The long awaited day finally arrived! My poor UPS driver had to come by twice due to software issues on their end, but in the end I finally got the box I had been tracking for days!
It may not look excited, but it is!  Really, it is!  I was kind of worried since that far right corner is crushed but everything was perfect inside.
On the left you see the new narrow carriage that holds all the Quilt Path stuff inside it.  It is amazing how clean the install looks.  Then there is the box with the new Windows Surface tablet.  That got opened immediately and played with.  

This is the box that caused me to pause.  What have I gotten myself into... That is a LOT of cables.   And there is also a new circuit board for my beloved Millie.  I am so in love!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Double Header!

I finished and delivered my last May customer quilt on Thursday.  I still had one day of May left.  Yeah!  A free day!  So I decided to load a quilt of mine and quilt it with my new Quilt Path.  Other then playing with quilting a couple feathered blocks last Sunday I have not played with it, because I needed to get my May customer quilts done.  I decided to just wing it and quilt a play mat that I have been working on for the Twins.  Now I would never suggest that you just load a quilt with no practice, but I am well known for not following my own advice.

I took a brake from cleaning my studio to take the picture above.  It was so strange to see my machine moving without me.  It was quilting when I took the picture.  Too cool!  I chose a design that came with the system for this first quilt and it turn out great.  The Twins saw it yesterday and tried to convince me that binding was optional and that it needed to go home with them.  I did this Thursday evening and it took under an hour.  I will work on binding it this evening.

So then I decided I still had all of Friday.  It seemed only right that I could load another quilt for me.  Friday was house cleaning day because Matt's Aunts and Uncles were in town and would be spending the night.  I decided to try out my multitasking skills.  I loaded the next quilt on the frame so that I could start it Friday morning.  
In my "Go Big or Go Home" way, I decided that I would use a panto that did not come with the system, and use high contrast thread.  This panto is Passion Flower by Urban Elementz.  I love the ribbons and spiky flowers.  I used Wild Grass Green So Fine by Superior Threads on top and Lime Green Superbobs by Superior Threads on the bottom.  And you can see every stitch on the solid black Kona Cotton that I used on the borders and sashing.
The back looks awesome!  Even with some issues that I caused and did not really know how to correct, I was able to troubleshoot a way to line up the passes manually.

And because of those self inflicted issues, I could not figure out a way to get the last partial pass to quilt so I free handed the designs.  It is my quilt, so it is not an issue and unless I point it out most people would never notice!  And I have the freehand skills so I might as well use them.  

The thing that excites me the most is that I quilted two of my tops!  See why I am in love!  My stuff is always on the bottom of the to-do list.  But Friday, I started the dishwasher, had the washer and dryer both running and Quilt Path was quilting away... all at the same time.   And I was even able to keep straightening up my studio.  So now when I want to work on cleaning the studio, I will be quilting one of my Mom's tops or one of mine.   I love my Quilt Path!!!!