Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tech Sunday - Skitch

In previous post I have talked about different design software that I use.  In my last Tech Sunday post I posted a picture of my very dirty bobbin area with arrows showing two of the places I can choose to oil my hook assembly.
I had a couple friends ask me how I made this picture.  I imported the picture into Skitch by Evernote and drew the arrows onto it. It took about a minute.  I also have a map that I email to people that need to find my house that I made in Skitch.  It has a choice for Map on the main screen and then you can draw and type on it.

Skitch is a great app!  It is extremely intuitive.  It is really easy to just figure out by playing with it.   It is one of my go to design apps.  You can see all the pages that are on the main screen.  I have been drawing my background fills into Skitch and them exporting them to Evernote.  That way I have a digital design pad that I can show my customers no matter where I am.  All I have to do is log into Evernote, which is easily done on my smart phone.

Disclaimer time...  I am not affiliated with Skitch, Evernote or Apple, nor was I asked to review this app.  I love my iPad and like to share apps that work well for me.

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  1. Our son worked on the Skitch app at Evernote - being a quilter, I am so proud it can being used in this way! Thanks for the tip.