Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tech Sunday - Snips

I had to pick out an entire pass of quilting this week.  As I was doing it I was thinking about my Tech Sunday post and how much I love both of my pairs of Fanmore snips.

The first pair I purchase was a set of Titanium snips with curved blades.  They have hung on the front laser light post of my longarm for over 3 years and I love them.  The curved blade lets me snip thread close to the quilt top without touching it.  When I misplace them I stress out and end up looking for them until I find them.  I do not start quilting without them.  I am obsessed with those snips!

Recently I bought a pair of snips with a hooked blade.  These things are awesome for when you have to rip stitches with the quilt still on your longarm.  I used them for about 4 hours on Friday.  They are wonderful.  I was able to get under the stitches and it made ripping quick.  I know that 4 hours does not sound quick, but it was an entire pass and I quilt dense.  I also use a really tiny crochet hook at times, but did not need it on Friday with my new snips.

Just for the record I purchased both of these pairs of snips.  I was not asked to review them nor have I been given anything to do a review.  I just love them so much I wanted to share.

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