Friday, February 17, 2012

Hellen's Star Quilt - Part 1

Hellen brought me this gorgeous star quilt.  It is one that I was so excited to get to quilt.  The pictures do not do the batiks justice they the greens and bright blue are much brighter in person.  I have wanted to quilt a Lone Star type quilt since I started quilting.  Did I mention that I was excited...
 I thought you might want to see how I decide what I am going to do when I do custom quilting.  I take a picture of the quilt on my iPad.  In this case I only needed to see about half of the quilt so I hung in over the rollers on my longarm.  Then I take it into the Adobe Ideas App.  I can resize the picture as I work and I draw on it with my finger. 
This process works the best for me.  I have tried using a Wacom pad and stylus, but I have learned that I need to be able to see my hand when I draw on the quilt.  I just can seem to draw with a stylus and look at my monitor.  I LOVE my iPad!  I had not really decided what I wanted to do in the green squares at this point.  The nice thing is that I can play with a lot of ideas before I every load the quilt.
  I can even take the picture of the quilt away and just look at the drawing itself.   This app has really changed how I design. 

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  1. awesome blossom!! i just had someone drop off a quilt this morning that i'm excited to quilt

    *giggle* shut up and quilt :)