Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas - Part 2

As promised in Part 1, I have close up pictures!  Most of these were taking while the quilt was on the frame.  Check out those swags in the outer border.  I bought a new template set for doing swags while at MQS in May.   I love the way they look and I just can't believe how easy they were.  I used Mindy Wylie's Angel Swags to quilt the border.  
 I quilted every house on the quilt differently.  It became a mission to think up how I could make them all look like they could live in the same neighborhood, but still have their own personality.
I love the way I quilted the trunk on the trees.
 I had fun trying to figure out ways that I could get all they way across the body of the quilt without breaking thread.  I think that this is the mission of most longarmers.   And that included the Stitch in the Ditch.
 I bought a couple more new templates at MQS.  I bought 2 different rope templates.  I have used them both and I have to say that I am really impressed with Deloa Jones' Rope-A-Dope!  
I love when I find new tools that really work for me.  Both the Angel Swags and the Rope-A-Dope where terrific finds that I will use often!

Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas - Part 1

OK, so if you have seen the Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas quilt in person, you know it is HUGE! So huge that blogging about it will be done in several posts.

A good friend, Barb trusted me with her Hometown Christmas Quilt.  My Mom and her got their kits at the same time and work on them on and off at their local quilt store's Thimbleberries Camp.  (Read that as I have another one of these to quilt...)

There was a debate in my house over where we could get a picture of the entire quilt.  Matt is actually holding the top of it and hiding behind it.  It is hanging off of my back porch, which is about 9 feet off the ground.  This took me a long time to custom quilt, but I wanted it to be special.  Barb is a very special person and I wanted her to love her quilt!
I love how the back shows off the quilting.  It makes all the work worth it!  In Part 2 I will show you some close ups of the some of the blocks and talk about the new longarm templates that I used.   

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where have I been for the last 2 months?

I can't believe that it is has been 2 months since I last posted.   NC Quilt Symposium was in full swing and I was having a lot of fun letting everyone play on my APQS Millennium.  I really enjoyed getting to share my love of longarm quilting with so many people.

On the Sunday that Symposium closed I loaded up my longarm, and dropped it back off at my Studio.  I then loaded my car again and left that day for 5 weeks with my parents.   It was great to be able to go down and help out and I got to see my nephew for 2 weeks which is a very rare treat.   Lincoln, the newest member of our family, got to go out on my parents boat.  It was only the second time he has been on a boat and he seemed to have a good time.

After my return, I needed to get ready for Shannon, aka Doodlebug.  She was here for 5 days to do classes for the Carolina Longarm Association.  Her classes were awesome and it was wonderful to actually meet her in person. We have been planning this for the last 9 months and it just does not seem possible that I had never actually meet here until she showed up for stay.  My house is very quiet now that classes are over.  And Lincoln is having Shannon withdrawal.

I have learned that when you take a long break from blogging that it is very hard to get back to it.  I have been meaning to post since mid July.