Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jumping Up and Down!!!!

Can you see me? I am so happy, I am jumping up and down!  First off I got to quilt this round robin of Janice Pope's.
Just being asked to quilt this beauty was a true honor.  Then in July, Janice called to tell me that she was going to the Sister's quilt show in Oregon and that the quilt would be hanging in the show.  Just when I thought I had gotten used to these calls from Janice, she calls today to tell me that she entered it in the NC State Fair and that she went yesterday and it is hanging in the winners area with a blue ribbon and a white ribbon on it.  It was entered in the Division for Group quilts with more than 2 people working on it.   Then she dropped the bombshell that it won BEST MACHINE QUILTING!  I am stunned!   So, now can you see me jumping up and down!    Matt and I are going to the fair to see the quilt!  :)


  1. congrats on best machine quilting!!! that's always nice news- makes you feel validated for all your hard work!

  2. Fabulous, Angela! You definitely deserve that award...your quilting is beautiful!