Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I finally finished Mom's quilt!

My Mom went to Houston with me when I purchased my longarm.   When I took her home she gave me a stack of quilts to do.   I did get several of them done, but there was one that she really wanted to put on her bed.  I had a vision for the quilt, but the every time I got ready to load the quilt, it would tell me that it did not like my vision.  I'm serious!  I would just freeze and look at the quilt and it would go back in the closet.  Mom stopped dropping hints that she would really like the quilt and it has been happily living in my studio closet.    Mom was here for three weeks in August.  While she was here I talked to her about the original vision and that I really thought that I wanted to do something different.  She said she didn't care, she just wants the quilt.  So, I loaded the quilt that I have been going to feather for years and here is how it turned out...
Anyone notice that there is not a feather anywhere on the quilt.  It really did not want them!  I am so happy with how this quilt turned out.  The quilt is 102 inches square.  I did bead board in the outer border.  And I SID all the boards and between the color changes.  There are hours of SID in this quilt.  Everything else is free hand.  
The white fabric is solid white.  So it needed some life.  I did my leaf fill in all of the white areas. 
I made up a swirly pattern to file the cactus flowers.
The back of this quilt is spectacular!  
Here is what the center of the quilt looks like on the back.  

I am so happy that I did not go through with my original plan.  It would have been OK, but this is so much better.  I have learned that I need to listen to my gut more. 


  1. beautiful quilt! what is the pattern called?

  2. Tiko, It is Cactus Wreath by Cozy Quilt.