Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alaska Star

Brenda Jones brought me another beautiful top to quilt.  When she picked up the Lover's Knot quilt she mentioned that she had almost thrown that top away.  She went home and called me about 3 hours later and the binding was done.  I am so happy that she loves the quilt and that she decided to have it quilted.  She brought it back with her today so that I could see it completed.  It was one of the harder quilts to give back to a customer, but I know that it has a good home and will be loved.

Today she picked up this beauty.  It was actually on the frame when she picked up the Lover's Knot so she had seen the very beginning of what I was doing.  I am sure that it looked strange at the time, I had just started stablizing it and had quilted the circles around the first row of half stars.   There was no background file yet because I had not decided what I wanted to do and I had not done any work in the borders. 
I did swirls in the borders, a circle with a quarter inch echo around the stars, a swirly design in the star points and swirly meandering.  I left the background inside the circle empty to show off the stars and the circles.  I really like the effect it has on the quilt. 
I love how the circles turned out.   I really like the texture difference between the heavy fill and the blank space. 

She brought me another Alaska Star top today.  I am looking forward to doing something totally different on it.  It is scrappy and made from homespuns.  It is just screaming cuddle with me. 

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