Sunday, June 27, 2010

Millie's New Wheels

Have you heard about the new M&M wheels from APQS?  I wasn't really sure I needed them, but in a moment of weekness last week I order a set.  Today was the big day, we installed them on my Millie. 

APQS has done a great job in packaging the wheels.  The instructions are step by step with loads of pictures.   They have even color coded the tubes so that you know which set is for the the head and which is for the carriage.   The only mistake I made was that I was not paying attention and I used one of the ones that is pre-drilled for the sprocket and I had to uninstall it so that I could use it with the sprocket.   I even did most of the install myself, but I let Matt play too. 

He is finishing up the last 2 wheels for me, little does he know that I only let him help so that I could take his picture and post it on the blog.  It took us just over an hour to install the wheels and put the head back on. 

Look how great the new wheels look. 

And even though I clean my rails and try really hard to make sure that there is no thread the old wheels had a greasy thread nest.  YUCK!!!!

 I loaded practice cloth and played.  OH MY!!!!  Then I loaded a quilt and did my swirly meander.  Why, oh why did I think that I did not really need these wheels?  They are fabulous!

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  1. Hey Angela!! Love your blog!! I think I need these wheels!!! Love ya girl! Linnea