Saturday, May 29, 2010

Now Stocking L size Magna-Glide Bobbins!

I have all 12 colors of Fil-Tec Magna-Glide Class L bobbins.   They work fabulously in my APQS Millennium. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

May Wallhanging

Several years ago my mom and sister decided to make a wallhanging for each month of the year.  They started this project before I started quilting and made one for me as well.  Once I started quilting they gave me the tops so that I could quilt them myself.   Yesterday, I got a shipment of Magna-Glide bobbins from Fil-Tec.  I really wanted to play with the bobbins and I decide to go ahead and quilt my "May" wallhanging.  

I did double piano keys in the outer blue border, looping ribbons in the orange border and a small tight version of my swirling meander inthe background.  I left the colored part of the pinwheels unquilted so that they would pop up and put swirls in the white centers. 
I used So Fine 451 as the top thread and white Magna-Glide in the bobbin.  Now for my favorite picture.... the back....

I really like these bobbins!  If you haven't tried them yet you really should.  If you have an APQS, I left my backlash spring in even thought they say not to.  Kim Brunner suggested this at MQS and I have to agree that it really does work extremely well. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wise Tree by the Art of Possibility

If you have been in Wish Upon a Quilt recently, you may recognize this quilt.
The fabric is Wise Tree from Free Spirit.  The designer is The Art of Possibility Studios.  The Art of Possibility Studios represents artist that have physical disabilities.   I love this fabric, it is so vibrant and happy.  The pattern is Perfect Ten by Swirly Girls Designs.  Lynn from Wish feel in love with the fabric and pieced this top.  She used the leftover fabric to make the pieced border.  

I wanted to show you the unquilted top this time so that you can see how the quilting effects the top.  The hardest decision for me was the thread.  My initial thought was to use really wild variegated thread.   I spooled a lot of thread on this quilt before the gold thread that I finally used.  The gold thread has a slight sheen, but it is not metallic.  It is actually So Fine, but superior threads.  I love how it looks on the marbled brown fabric!  It blends into the wild prints but it really shows on the brown.  

I did a large swirling meander on the printed fabrics and a coordinating border treatment in the brown frames.  
There are offsetting swirls in the brown border and the the pieced border.  The beauty of this treatment is that you quilt both borders at the same time as you go around the quilt.  

Lynn did a absolutely beautiful job in piecing this quilt.   It is one happy bright quilt.  I can't help but smile every time I see it.  

The Case of Three Hungry Caterpillars Quilts

I have a customer that has had the best idea for baby quilts.  She has been using the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric and making baby quilts.   She gives both the quilt and The Very Hungry Caterpillar book by Eric Carle as her gift.   I have been fortunate to quilt 3 of her quilts recently.  She wanted them to be custom quilted and I wanted them all to be different.  

All of the quilts are pieced a little different.   On this one I did different treatments in the two borders and then the same treatment border to border on the panel.
In the panel I did a fun leaf and loop meander.  After all caterpillars and butterflies like leaves.  
I had a lot of fun doing the outer border.  I did a 1 inch crosshatch.  That skinny blue strip is actually part of the print on the border fabric.  I did stitch in the ditch and then stitched on the line on the other side, so know it looks pieced when you see the quilt in person.  In the green I did pothos leaves that ended up looking like butterflies.   
The second quilt has a large swirling meander border to border in the panel area.  And then separate border treatments.
I did a C and reverse C pattern in the small orange border. Once again I stitched both sides of the blue part of the border stripe and the did a swirling border treatment that coordinates with the meander I did in the center.  
On this I did denser quilting and treated the colored dot fabric different then the white back ground.  
This has a small, dense swirling meander in the white background.   In the dots there is a wiggly crosshatching. I quilted in the caterpillar, butterfly and leaf flowing the lines in the drawings.  
I did the pothos leaf butterflies in the orange borders and stitched on both sides of the blue border.  Then I did double piano keys in the outer boarder.  They are not even, instead I had the double lines fall between the fruit.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Machine Quilters Showcase

I am at MQS this week.  I have had some AWESOME classes and have lots of new ideas.  So far I have had classes with Kim Brunner, Renae Haddidin, Myrna Ficken, Claudia Pfeil, Irena Bloom and Sally Terry.  My head is about to bust and I still have more classes.  I can't wait to get home and use some of the new things I have learned. 

And the quilts are stunning.   You just can't imagine how beautiful! 

Off to my next class...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wow another month gone!

I can't believe April is gone!  February and March drug by on my end, as I was waiting for the house to be finished.   But April, I barely remember at all.  It is hard to believe that we moved into the new house at the end of March.  Due to my wonderful family and friends it was a quick and painless process.  My longarm was done for just under a week.   April was really busy for the business I am still amazed at how many more hours I can happily quilt here then at the old house.  More hours in the studio means I can quilt many more quilts. 

My laptop decided that April was more than it could handle and promptly stopped working on May 1st.  Luckily I was able to back it up before it stopped booting.  As I was stressing over backing it up, I realized just how much I don't listen to my own advice.  For years, as a tech support rep, I told people it was really important to back up their systems.  I had NEVER backed up my laptop.  Not once in 2 years! 

Hopefully I will be able to get the backup drive hooked up to my desktop so that I can share some pictures soon.  But right now I need to get Quickbooks installed so that I can print invoices.  Life is never dull!