Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Yeah, the move is almost over.  My longarm is set up and and I have been happily quilting away.  I have actually done a couple of customer quilts already and currently have a custom job on the frame.  I have not however gotten the room put away well enough for pictures.  Maybe next week... but NO promises. 

Now for our funny moving story of the week...

Matt and I went to the house in Wake Forest on Saturday to fix some items that were found on our sellers inspection.  We figured that there was about 2 hours of work so we thought we would be done by noon.  We had been there about 5 minutes when Matt asked me where the keys to the van where.  He drove, I had not taken my set of van keys with me.  We looked for the keys in our empty house, the van and the lawn for 3 hours!  Our neighbor offered to take me the 20 minutes to the new house to get another set of keys and my car.  Matt dug out the hole he had filled in before realizing the keys were missing and shifted through the dirt and mulch... no keys.  The key I brought with me would not start the van, Matt thought it might be the battery so we tried to jump the van.  Still no luck.  So at 3PM, I had had it.  I had not eaten breakfasted and I was hungry.  I went off to Chick-fil-a and left Matt with the big van brick.  While I was gone our neighbor's son started mowing the lawn.  He walked up to Matt with the van keys in his hand and asked if they were what he was looking for.  He had found them in the middle of the back yard.  So 2 hours of work took us all day.  But at least we got to spend some time with the neighbors that we love and are going to miss terribly.  The good news is that a couple stopped by and we let them see the house since we were there anyways. 

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