Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting ready for the big move...

I think we are almost ready for the big move.  I can't believe that we are closing next week.  We did our final walk on Monday and I just stood and enjoyed my new studio.  It is so much brighter then my current one.  I can't wait to get everything set up so that I can quilt in there.  Of course that does mean I have to get these last 3 customer quilts I promised I would have done before the move,  so that I can take my beloved Millie apart.  The head will be traveling to it's new home in the safety and comfort of my car.  No way I am letting movers touch my Millie head...  I am only partially taking my frame apart.  I am just taking the poles off and the "ladder" and trusses so that I don't have to totally reassemble it at the other end.   I need to get it back up so that I can get to the rest of the quilts in line.  

I should really take a couple pictures of my old sewing room and dining room so that you can see the boxes that have been stacked for the past couple of weeks.  It is just a little overwhelming. 

I will post a picture of my lastest mystery quilt after the reveal party at Wish Upon a Quilt on Saturday.  I got a little carried away and put way too many borders on it.  I am thinking of naming it the Monster Quilt of Mystery, because it was a real pain to quilt. 

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