Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where did January go?

Can it really be February all ready?  I can't believe it.  January was a blur. 

If I look at everything in a positive light, I can say we found out why Mom has not been feeling up to par, I got a closing date for the new house and I got quite a few customer quilts done.  Unfortunately not everything in life is positive while it is happening. 

Luckily, Mom is starting to feel better, but she scared us all by having to be rushed to the emergency room and then spending several days in the hospital.   Not fun at all for any of us.  But the good news is that we have found out what caused her weird spells, that she was having at Disney in December and her lack of energy. So now we can do something about it. 

When we signed the contract on the new house, it was supposed to be done in February.  So when we had not heard anything by the 3rd week in January we started to panic.   We finally got notified that it is running a little late and we will be closing the last week of March.  Now that we know, we can start packing and organizing for the move.   I was at the house last week, all the flooring is in now.  They were working on installing door knobs and were waiting for the inspector to come and do the final check on the electrical and OK the power to be turned on to the house.  It should have power by now and they should be working on their finishing work. 

With everything else going on, I actually did quilt this month too.  Quilting is definitely a stress reliever for me!  And having customer quilts that had to get done meant that I could not really dwell on things I could not control.  Yeah for that!!!

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