Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mystery Quilts

Wish Upon A Quilt sponsored their first mystery quilt last spring.  A group of friends and I went to the mountains and has a blast working on our mystery quilts.  It was amazing to see the mystery reveal itself, but seeing the tops as we finished them was amazing.  Our fabrics were all so very different, but all of our quilts turn out wonderful.  I posted pictures of my quilt when I quilted it this summer.  This week I got to quilt a couple of my friends quilts as well.  I just can believe how different they all look.  

Shawna picked out a really pretty print with a beige back ground with chocolate and gold in it that she used as here light fabric.  She used gold for her medium and chocolate for her dark.  It turned out beautiful.  I did custom quilting on her quilt.  Line dancing on the stars and ribbons in the gold.   

Lori chose a black fabric with bright butterflies and gold accents as her "light"  The she added bright green and hot pink as her medium and dark.  Her quilt ended up fun and vibrant. I used Heart & Soul Quilts' Star Swirl panto on her quilt.

This quilt pattern is amazing.   Not only have all the tops that I have seen looked great, but it also looks great with either custom quilting or a pantograph.  And I actually enjoyed doing the pantograph, which is a first for me.  I am usually a front of the machine custom quilting girl.  It was nice doing something different for a change.  

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