Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Houston, Here I Come!!!!

I have packed the 3 Christmas Wreath quilts up as they will be traveling to Houston in my carry on.  I just can't get myself to check the quilts.  Logically, I know that TSA is not interested in my quilting, but I really want them to get to my customer.  I can't wait to see the reaction to these quilts. 

All I need to do is finish packing my clothes.  Then get a good night's sleep and off I go to the airport.  :)

For anyone that wants to set a drop off date for their quilt, I will be checking my email throughout my trip.  My voicemails are emailed to me so I will return those calls as well.   I will be talking several Longarm classes while I am there and I am sure I will have new ideas to share!

I am taking my camera and will post pictures a couple times while I am gone.  I will try to get a picture of Janice Pope in her booth to share with you.  I am really excited for her and hope that she gets loads of orders while she is there.  Cathy McKillip has assured me that she will be talking to the fabric companies, so it looks like my credit cards will continue to be in danger when I walk into her store.  I am sure she will order all kinds of goodies for us to love on while she is there. 

I am sure that I will run into other local ladies while I am there.   I hope everyone traveling has safe trips, that we have fun while we are there and that we have lots to share when we get home!

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