Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hi from Market!

Have you ever wondered what Market looks like.  I took this picture last night after sample spree.  There were still vendors busy setting up their booths.  I was trying to get a shot of the length of the vendor mall.  I had an issue with the glass reflecting the red frame of the windows. 

 Here is one of one of the rows.  

I stopped by to say hi to Mary Corcoran and Janice Pope.

Look how cute Janice's booth looks!

Yesterday was a busy day.  We left our hotel at 8AM and got back to our room at 10PM.  Luckily we looked at our class list, because we thought our class with Eleanor Burns was on Sunday, but it was at 8AM this morning.  Yikes.  

We took a class on Eleanor Burn's Day And Night quilt.   She is a hoot!  The quilt is very graphic and fun.  It is also easy.  We were out of the room by 9:30 and we all had completed at least one block. 

Then vendor mall opened.   It is so much fun just walking around and looking at all the quilts.  I have also been doing research on batting.  Pellon has a new black batting that feels really nice.  I want to get some to play with.  Mom had to trick me to get a hold of the sample, I was walking through market rubbing it because it feels so good.  

I visited the APQS booth.  I miss my Millie!  I even sat down and played on the George.  OMG, even I was able to free motion on it.  Wow!

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