Friday, August 21, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!!

The baby quilts are done! All I have left to do is deliver them to my sister-in-law and then put labels on them after the twins make their grand arrival. I will post pictures of them after they are delivered. She should get to see them first. :) The crib skirts, diaper stacker and quilts have been a joint effort. My sister-in-law poured through quilt books looking for quilts she liked and told me what colors she was thinking about for the nursery. Then my Mom came up and helped with sewing the crib skirts, diaper stacker and laying out the applique for the Baby Girl quilt. I got to actually use my domestic sewing machine. That just does not happen often since the longarm came to live here. And of course I got to quilt both of the quilts so that the longarm would not feel left out.

I love both of the quilts. The Baby Boy quilt is more traditional peicing and is definately in my comfort zone. It sort of looks like Xs and Os with the way the blocks interact. The Baby Girl quilt is more contemporary and is the first true machine applique I have ever done. It screams GIRL! It is so sweet and flowery.

In case there was ever a doubt, I have the best Mom in the world! She came up to visit and was stuck in my studio for days. We normally quilt when she is here but this was marathon sewing. She did a lot of the sewing for me so that I could quilt customer quilts. I could not have gotten this done without her. I was starting to think I would be giving the Baby Girl her quilt for college graduation.

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