Monday, June 29, 2009

Caroling thru June

I have been quilting a Christmas Quilt and singing Christmas Carols. Actually, I have finished this quilt earlier in the month and just never got around to posting. I used hot pink and forest green threads on the top and Christmas green in the bobbin. There is a lot of work on the quilt that is really not visible, either in pictures or in person. I traced the flower petals in the wreath with pink and the holly with green. I like the design that I used in the 8 pointed stars. Since the border is busy, I decided to double piano key the boarder. I like the way the quilt turned out.
Here is a close up of the wreath.

I want to give the stars a little movement and be able to do a continuous design. Only 1 start/stop per star.

The infamous double piano keys...

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