Monday, June 29, 2009

Isabella's Quilt

Several months ago I did a post about a friend's first two quilts. Last week she called and told me that there was another top on the way. This one is for her niece Isabella. Theresa is doing great work. Other then a 5 minute lesson in rotary cutting that we did when I was visiting in January, she has taught herself how to quilt.

I am sure that Isabella will love this pretty quilt. I decided that there were 3 zones in the quilt. The print is a really cute animal print.
The center zone is the print and lime green.

The inner border zone is the pink border with yellow corner stones.

The outer border zone is the rest of the quilt. I did wavy crosshatching in the outer border. A ferny treatment in the inner border. Then alternated wavy crosshatching and fireflowers in the center zone. I think it turn out really cute.

More Christmas Fun

I just finished quilting the coolest quilt. It is made out of Micheal Miller's Christmas line. It is one bright, fun quilt! If you want to see the quilt, stop by Wish Upon a Quilt for their Christmas in July celebration.

Roman Holiday and More Caroling

I know, it's not Christmas time. But I have several more Christmas quilts in my queue so I might as well sing.

I am working on a Strip quilt that is made out of Moda's Roman Holiday line. It is 102" square. I am doing template work on it. It has quite a bit of Stitch in the Ditch and I am using my Off the Edge circle templates to quilt half circles and circles. I am also doing feathering. I use zippers on my leaders and this quilt will be going on and off the quilt as I have time to work on it. I got the whole top stabilized and most of the ruler work done. It is currently off the frame so that I can get a couple of other quilts done.

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on so far.

Caroling thru June

I have been quilting a Christmas Quilt and singing Christmas Carols. Actually, I have finished this quilt earlier in the month and just never got around to posting. I used hot pink and forest green threads on the top and Christmas green in the bobbin. There is a lot of work on the quilt that is really not visible, either in pictures or in person. I traced the flower petals in the wreath with pink and the holly with green. I like the design that I used in the 8 pointed stars. Since the border is busy, I decided to double piano key the boarder. I like the way the quilt turned out.
Here is a close up of the wreath.

I want to give the stars a little movement and be able to do a continuous design. Only 1 start/stop per star.

The infamous double piano keys...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mystery in the Mountains

I just got back from a trip to the mountains with a group of quilting friends. We left the Raleigh area early on Friday morning and went to Gastonia to visit Mary Jo's. We all bought A LOT of fabric and then headed toward Boone for a mystery quilt weekend. For those of you that are not up on your NC geography Gastonia is not on the way to Boone from Raleigh. We quilters will use any reason for a visit to Mary Jo's. :)

We got to the house Friday evening, unloaded the cars, set up our machines and started sewing. We were doing a mystery quilt that has been handed out by a local quilt show, Wish Upon a Quilt. We actually did pretty well we all were on Step 5 out of 6 by the end of the weekend. Which is amazing considering the amount of laughing that was going on. I don't think that I have laughed that much in years.

When I got home, Matt had roses waiting for me. Maybe I should go away more often. ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

NC Symposium

The NC Quilt Symposium was held last weekend at Peace College in Raleigh. The quilts were beautiful! I got to spend time with Ye Olde Forest Quilters, who brought their Lenni in for everyone to try out. Thanks to Joanne and Kelley for letting me spend time in their booth and supporting me as a new dealer!

Since my guild was hosting the event this year, I also got to see more of the day to day operation side of the show. I learned that we have some very talented and dedicated guild members, who have given a lot of time over the past couple of years to make sure that this event was a success. And they have already started working on the 2011 show, when we will be hosting the event again. The 2010 show will be in Charlotte.

It was really interesting seeing a show from the vendor and volunteer side instead of the attendee side. I knew there was a lot of work involved in organizing these events but I did not realize the immense amount of planning and coordination that they actually take.

I was shocked at how fast we got the quilts down, organized and back to their owners. We started taking them down at 12:30 and we were handing them out by 1:15. So in 45 minutes, we had not only taken the quilts down, we had taken down all the poles. There were still vendors packing up, but the center of the gym was empty.

Next show for me...

The Carolina Longarm Association QuiltFest
September 18 & 19, 2009
Clemmons, NC